Best way to start introducing an extra $$$ for bagging clippings in Walker Country..?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Exact Rototilling, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Best way to start introducing an extra charge for bagging clippings in an area full of Walkers....?

    Okay.... I’m pretty much stuck bagging many lawns in the spring for the most part. It’s extra work and with a side catcher it’s a PITA even if my lawns are small.

    It’s about time my customers start paying extra for the additional time it takes and/or haul off and disposal fees. In many areas it is factored into the price.

    The angle of “just educate your customers on the benefits of mulching is all great but even with those clients those lawn just have to be bagged with vibrant juicy sticky gooey spring growth.

    I transition to mulch mow once the Spring rush is over on many lawns. The only lawns I keep bagging are the ones that have those long pesky Ponderosa Pine needles that don’t mulch well.

    What I do know is I need to be"In Control" of when I mulch mow or bag NOT the customer.

    Having to triple or quad cut a lawn to grind down the excessive growth is no time savings at all and the clean up on hard surfaces is a disaster.... track marks etc. :dizzy:

    I can deal with double cutting the lawns are typcially small.

    Please no comments like “bagging is for noobs” etc....:laugh:....:hammerhead:
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    Get with the program...get a Walker! The bad thing is every other LCO is dictating the market. Sure, you can get away with not bagging, but if you are charging $30 + a $5 bag fee. Next guy mows with a Walker, cuts in half the time and charges $27. Who do you think the customer is going to choose. YaYaYA..I do great work. Everyone says that....get a Walker and deal with the bagging. Sorry Dude....
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  3. Salcido Lawn

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    I don't bag any of my yards. It's a PITA!! I refuse to.
  4. WHIPPLE5.7

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    Pacific Northwest VS. Texas, there is a differance and bagging is needed in some places. I hate bagging too but its just part of the deal around here.
  5. Nobody, I mean nobody bags here unless it's someone cutting a zoysia lawn with a rotary...I have yet to see anyone bag St Augustine here.
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  6. $5 extra seems kinda cheap to deal with bagging, unless I'm missing something here.
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    you could do your OWN research, it sounds like you need to.......

    you could pring out some stats on how clippings are causing a pile up at our land fills, and how MOST STATES in the USA have spent hundrend of thousands on trying to eduicate the public on the benifits of mulching.

    one of the funnest things I have seen is.

    A guy goes and spends 35-50.00 on fert, then the VERY NEXT Week he bagged his clippings, I SIMPLY COULD NOT BELIVE IT.....

    Best of luck
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    I'm always surprised to read someone bags the clippings and doesn't charge extra.

    I have charged extra from day one. usually $5-$10 more depending on the size of the lawn. it takes more time and in most cases costs a little to dump them at a recycling center.

    as for how to introduce it to clients my only suggestion is a letter. kind of hard though when they are used to not paying extra.
  9. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    buy a walker and you wont mind bagging lol
  10. You have to charge extra for it. If it takes you longer, they should be paying more. It seems like it would be a big inconvenience to me. Especially if you are doing .5 acres and up.
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