Best way to wash air filters?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EagleLandscape, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. EagleLandscape

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    Ok, for my toro 21"s I've just been taking out the filter element and washing out and sqeezing it with my garden hose. But then my hand gets all oily. And then I pour oil out of a 1qt container and then smear it all over ith the palm of my hand.

    It does the job, but it's very messy.

    ANy better ideas for me? Thanks.
  2. Fareway Lawncare

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    Use a high flash point solvent~paint thinner...or clean Foam Filters & Foam pre-filters!
  3. DLCS

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    Never use gas to clean anything.

    I take a handful of Goop hand cleaner and smear it all over the foam element. Don't use any hand cleaner that has grit in it like Fast Orange. Then rinse it under cold water and good as new. You have to watch if your using solvents cause some will attack the foam.
  4. DLCS

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  5. beransfixitinc

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    Some container to hold hot water, little bit of "Never Mop With Dirty Water Again" PineSol. Stuff your prefilter or your foam filter in, pour your hot water in, remember to leave some room for the PineSol. Pour a little PineSol in. wait maybe 5 minutes or so. Come back, dump the cup, and rinse the foam under cold running water, just hold it in your hand under the water and keep squeezing and releasing until you don't have dirty water coming out anymore. Squeeze out in a paper towel, or sit it in the hot sun for a few minutes. Then, once dry, re-oil lightly with a 30wt oil. Place in paper towel and squeeze out excess oil.
  6. specialtylc

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    And it will have that fresh scent too.
  7. Garden Panzer

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    CocaCola works best as a degreaser.
  8. chuckers

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    i spray with a pre filter oil it works great but i have to clean more often i just use dawn and hot water
  9. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I keep a box of food service disposable gloves in the garage specifically for cleaning filters. You can buy 1,000 at Sams for about $6. I also use them when handling pendamethalyn to help reduce staining my hands.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  10. gogetter

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    You beat me to it DFW. I use the same gloves.

    For cleaning the filters, I've just been doing it in the sink with warm water, no soaps or cleaners.
    Would like to come up with a better system though.

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