Best way to Wash Equipment

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What is the best way to get heavy equipment clean? How is it cleaned for re-paint? Do you use chemicals or steamers? Or both?
If you have a heated water steam cleaner with a good degreaser it will get the job done. If you don't have access to a steam cleaner then use mineral spirits and a rag to remove all grease the pressure wash with degreaser. Some of that degreaser will discolor th paint so be careful. I never use it straight.


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power washer and sandblaster. I skip the power washer and just blast it down to bare metal. Prime it with 2 part epoxy (yes its crazy expensive) and then use genuine factory paint (yes its crazy expensive)

Just remember to prep prep prep and then prep some more. Your paint job is only as job as your prep.

you have to at least scuff the paint up with a blaster or a D.A (dual action) sander or it wont stick for shet.