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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DaveRave07, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. DaveRave07

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    I will be starting a LCO this year and I am wondering what ways will be best to get your first accounts. I realize it is going to be difficult to find customers that have been using a particular service perhaps for many years. Anyways I just wanted to know any tips you all have about breaking into the industry?

    So far I have passed out flyers into paper boxes and put some of the flyers where you rip off the number in local post office, grocery store, etc. Later on this week I plan on putting up door hangers with estimates on them, I am thinking that would get the most response because it will give people a basic price up front.

  2. andersonmowing23

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    To get your first customers it will be from door hangers and fliers. For every 100 that you pass out you should get about 1 new customer. Thats at least what people say. I have had higher success rates, and I have also had no success rate. You will get most of your customers from word of mouth, so make sure you do the best work possible.
  3. green thum

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    I recently got into the biz(9 months)and currently have 12 residential and 7 commercial accounts.the only advertising ive done is by putting fliers in mailboxes(newspaper slots)
  4. tonygreek

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    that 1% is typically the response rate, not sales rate. and the variables involved from one lco to the next, and their respective campaigns, are as varied as it gets.
  5. AEW

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    You may want to try a newspaper ad. I have had the most responses from the classifieds each year. Once you get your name will begin to grow as well.
  6. DaveRave07

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    Good thinking I also thought about a newspaper ad but would probably wait until next week to work on that. I agree about getting my name out too, I am realizing that that is the hardest part. I am fairly well known in my town and know a wide range of people so I am hoping word of mouth will help me out but once I am established is when some real growth will occur.

    Can you estimate how many mailbox fliers you have passed out in order to get those 19 accounts? Thats a real good start, I am assuming I better keep making copies to get that number of responses.

    Thanks guys
  7. TimK

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    Flyers, door hangers or postcard mailers are good, cheap ways to get new spring business. But whatever you pick, remember to track the response so you know what’s working and what’s a waste of money.

    Even if it sounds awkward, ask every customer how they found you, and be specific. Make a new extension number for your main # or 800 #, or if you have a website, use a unique URL link on the advertising piece, example

    In fact, include some sort of offer like a small discount, or something for free to give them a reason to call you and to help you to figure out if your ads are working.

    Keep track of what they spend on a list so you can compare the income to the expense; write it down and remember to add it in later when they spend more.

    Doing this keeps you from throwing money away, and it hurts less when you spend it on something with proven results.

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  9. bp418

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    Most of my business has been by strictly word of mouth. I make the yards "shine" and have had people come across the street and ask me to do their yard. Do the best job possible and people will want their yard to look as good as the yard you are currently servicing. Good luck. :)
  10. DaveRave07

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    You are right bp that is the plan, but I how did you get those first few properties so that others could see?

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