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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Kumi, Mar 29, 2006.

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    what are some of the best methods of advertising? for now i can only do small/medium sized lawns (mow/weed) and i'd like to get at least 10 more customers. so far i've used flyers with very little results (i put them up by coke machines and such) i'm planning to place a classified ad in the "american classifieds" later this week so i hope that works.

    what methods have you guys used that worked best? and how do you guys decide on a price for mowing & weeding a yard? i already have a basic system for setting my prices but i'm curious how other people decide on a price.:confused:
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    i've tried door hangers also walked out and left 700 flyer's this spring. that hard work going door to door. i've gotten maybe 10 responses so far;) i put an add in the local paper in the spring for a couple of weeks that helps but what works best is a catchy name , logo and i mounted 2 decorated cows on top of my truck as you can see in the picture. made up t-shirts and gave them to kids who wear them everywhere. so come up with something nobody else has and you will win big i've been in business for one year and now have over 100 yards :usflag: :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:

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    Man thats great. That is something people will notice, remember, and talk about to their friends.
    I went to the sign shop last week, to design my door magnets and cards.
    My nickname has always been Battman, due to my last name.
    I asked if it would be too cheesy, juvenile, geeky, or whatever, to incorporate Batman somehow into my sign. He asked me if I thought Ronald McDonald was too cheesy. CHEESY works. Great job.
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    Be careful of copyright infringements.
  5. Grn Mtn

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    Well designed, specific, ads done at the correct time of year with lots of coverage.
    Running one week ads will get you very little response, you need to have your name out there every week. Usually you can get a 20 word ad in the classifieds of the local "free" papers for around $7/week if you run them for 26+ weeks. Flyer HOUSES, not vending machines, in neighborhoods close to you Spring, Summer, and Fall. This way your name gets recognized. The bigger ads work better (1/4 page) but they cost money, its a catch-22. Good luck, so far this year the guys around here just mowing, have decided that the only way to get customers is to lower prices to $15. Thats what I was charging 20 years ago as a teen! Its a buyers market and tough.
  6. gqnine44

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    What is the name of your business? I cant quite make it out on the door. I like the cows...but what is the name they corespond with?
  7. sgrprincees

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    I put out a bunch of doorhangers, and have gotten a pretty good response rate. About 1% or slightly better callback rate, but NOBODY has called about mowing. Up here the grass has just started turning green, so I'm hoping that that has something to do with it. I've only put out half or less than my doorhangers, and gotten about 10 aerating, powerraking, fertilizing, or seeding jobs, and I'm expecting the calls to contine.

    I bought 5000 doorhangers from for $189, and the paper is kinda filmsy, but at about $.04 (slightly less) per doorhanger, they're cheap. If you're looking at adding 10 accounts, I'd say that it's worth your time to walk around putting doorhangers on/in doors.

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