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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PTSolutions, Jan 27, 2010.

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    I've had good luck with that. Not very flexible but really easy to do yourself. I thought GoDaddy was lousy--constant barrage of upgrades and was just overwhelming for me.
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    Misspelling from your website: Fertilization and Week Control??
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    How many of you have a website that has contributed significantly to your business growth?

    Has there been a upturn or down turn in your web leads over the past 2 years?

    How do your web leads compare in quality a close rate to those generated from other sources?
  5. JayD

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    Your site is very nice, so let me get this right, your saying that web site cost you only $50 a year?
  6. JayD

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    So what does yours cost? the post above yours says his is only $50 a year. Can that be right?
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    Hey, your trailer gate sign looks good from a distance, do you feel that it was a good investment.
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    I may be coming off my recommendation of GoDaddy after seeing their Superbowl commercials!

    But seriously, we have been very pleased with their service. Here is a link to the prices on their hosting plans. We had to move up to the Deluxe Plan because the traffic on our website is over 100 visitors on weekdays. You should be fine with the Economy Plan and that should still give you more GB of transfer space than other hosting providers. If you sign a 12 month contract, then it will be 57 dollars. But, they often give further discounts when you purchase domain names or switch from another hosting provider. They also email additional 25% off codes about once a month.

    We used on of these discount codes and also signed up for the 36 month commitment. The Deluxe Plan allows us to host multiple websites and we have there along with,,,,, and a few others. It is an even better value when you host multiple websites.

    I also recommend that you call the different hosting companies before you sign up. You will see how easy GoDaddy is to talk to on the phone versus the other ones, especially overseas hosting companies. I went with a really cheap one before, but I got burned when there was a problem and I couldnÂ’t contact the people. I ended up losing the website domain at renewal and was very frustrated over it.

    I hope that helps. Let us know what you decide to do. Good luck!
  9. Jake Wolf

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    I'm a huge fan of using as the software for managing websites as anyone can figure out how to create and edit pages. You can use a free template or hire someone to tweak or design one from scratch. Godaddy is a reliable webhost and their customer service rocks.

    I looked up your business on google and didn't find anything. You should add it to
  10. cascadelawns

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    I used to purchase our domain name ( and I'm using Microsoft Office Live to to create the website and the hosting is free. Their web page design software is pretty good. It took me a while to figure a few things out like how to get our website to come up when you do a google search, and how to deal with metatags, but overall I'm happy with it. So the domain name was $15 for 2 years and the hosting and website are free! I think we did pretty good! We'll see how it pays off. Check it out if you're interested! :clapping:

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