Best zero turn for $6500?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by wiltslawncare, Jan 24, 2013.

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    If you really applied yourself you could find a good used (less than 500 hours) 52 and a 36 for that money. Heck, you could find those 2 mowers for probably $4500.

    I'd try and find a 48-52 Wright stander and 36 Exmark walk behind.

    Quick search...took 2 seconds

    I'd offer the guy $3500
  2. wiltslawncare

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    So I have called around today and after being totally turned off by the bobcat dealer on the phone and no snapper dealer nearby have decieded either a 52inch Exmark Pioneer Series (2013 model kholer $7299) or 52 inch toro 3000 (leftover 2012 Kawasaki motor $7790). What do you guys think about these two mowers? Which would you go for?? Does anyone have either of these mowers that can tell me about them? Thanks!!!
  3. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Why on earth would you not go used? There are so many great deals to be had out there right now. Every winter guys get desperate for money and are willing to give these things away. Pounce on them!
  4. wiltslawncare

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    I really just dont have time to fix anything. I want something I can just have fore the next three or fours years and just do regular pm on.
  5. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    What fix? These things are tanks. You change the oil and filters and you're good to go. Seriously. I'd hate for you to pay out the teeth for a new one when you can get the exact same machine with a few hundred hours on it for half the price.
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    Some people don't like used. I want to know the equipment was well taken care of. If I am the only person who has ever ran it, I know it was never abused or misused, ran low on oil, I know the filter was changed. I buy new knowing it will last me much longer than the feel of a sweet deal.

    He is exactly right in thinking he does not have the time or money for repairs. What happens when he gets a great deal on a turd? Not only is he out the money he spent but he has no recourse. He either cuts his losses and buys another machine or he pays for costly repairs not knowing when the next breakdown will occur. Buying used from a private party is buying as is. They are going to make look and sound as though you are buying a new machine for half the cost. Too many shysters for me to take that chance.
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    I'm with you, for the money he has to spend he can quality full size mower instead of cheaper less rugged new model. One year from now they will both be used........... But one has to do what he is most comfortable with.
  8. 123hotdog

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    You will here a ton of suggestion. Everybody likes their brand of mower. CONSIDER THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the expo in Louisville KY in the fall and tested every mower there. I wanted a 60" Wright Stander so so bad. I currently have a Great Dane 61" stander I've had for years. However, I am familiar with the local shop in my area that is the authorized Wright dealer. They put signs on their counter saying how many weeks ( usually 2 to 4 ) the repair shop is backed up. Could you imagine paying $6500 for a mower and having to wait that long for warranty work? My point is check around and see what kind of service you are gonna get when it comes time for parts and repairs.:clapping:
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    Check out Gravely's new entry level Pro-Turn. A real commercial mower in your price range.
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  10. ryan5943

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    I just picked up a new 36" Scag V Ride for $5600 and was quoted $6600 for a 52" with the current fleet pricing promo.

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