Best zero turn mower i ever owned...hmmmmm...

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    That's a tough one there. Had a lot of good ones over the years. I loved the Sabre Tooth Tiger until it shot craps on me. Hmmmmm...John Deere 997 diesel 72" was a Maserati of a mower but damnit, those parts were sky high. Fastest mower with quality cut I've ever owned. That one is close to the top. Hustler Super Z's were nice, loved those mowers. Exmark Lazer XS diesel was a tank. Best stander I ever owned was a John Deere Quik Trak 647A 48", could run forever, layed down stripes even without a stripe kit. Best zero turn I ever owned I'm going to say, all things considered, cheap parts, labor reasonable, cut quality, speed, dependability...I'm going with the 61" Scag Turf Tiger with 27Hp Kaw liquid-cooled. I've had others faster, others more expensive (my Toro ZMaster 72" diesel was a great one, too, almost forgot that one!)...but that Scag is my best one of alltime. Close second is my Hustler Super Z with the air-cooled 25hp Kohler. Loved that mower, also...
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    i have used a scag TT and STT with a 27 liquid cooled kaw on it and they are very nice mowers. had plenty of power, hillside stability and good ride and cut. but that engine was very thirsty as i remember.

    never owned one, but rode on both many times when we were having issues with our older model kubotas with the tranny issues.

    i have to agree with you on this one buddy.

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