Best ZTR dethatcher? D'ttach, Trac Vac, CMP, JRCO.


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Lincoln NE
I'm looking for advice on a ZTR front mount dethatcher. I've seen the 4 brands listed in the title, (D'ttach, Trac Vac, CMP, and JRCO) in addition to MiBar which seems to be out of business.

I'd like to hear the pros and cons of each, especially from folks that have run more than one brand.

I like the D'ttach and JRCO because I can also use other attachments specifically the aerator. The CMP however has a very attractive price point.

I currently have a bluebird 22" with the bagger and it does a great quality job, but it's brutal to push around.

What's everyones experiences and thoughts?

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