Best ZTR for $5000?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by radman40, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. radman40

    radman40 LawnSite Member
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    Shopping around educating myself. I have 1 acre with drainage ditches along two sides. Looking at the following;
    1. '05 Exmark CT 18HP Vanguard w/ 44" deck, 5 hrs demo with armrests, hitch, mulch kit $4,600
    2. '06 Exmark Phazer 19HP Kawasaki w/ 44" deck, 12 hrs return with stripper and mulch kit $4,300, may be too light for my slopes?
    3. '07 Quest or (Toro Titan Z) same 24 Briggs ELS w/52" deck $5,000, new, not a big fan of the ELS from reading on this site
    4. '07 Hustler FastTrack 21 HP Kawasaki w/ 54" deck $5,200, all around I liked it, longest warranty
    5. '07 Skag Freedom Z KAW w/48" deck $5,300, ok
    6. '04 Great Dane Chariot 23 HP Kawasaki w/50" deck, 34 hrs $5,000 no scalping wheels on deck, overkill
    7. '07 Great Dane Chariot 23 HP Vanguard w/52" deck, new $6,000, like the large tire size, total overkill

    ZT2800 hydro transaxles good over 10 or 12 cc pumps and motors?

    For yard size and price, the Phazer looks like a good choice provided it holds on the ditches, like the left deck clearance for trimming, none on the CT, flush with tires, Is that a big deal?

    Drove the Hustler at the dealership, can have the Great Danes or Exmarks brought to the house to try out. Exmark dealer 6 miles away, Great Dane/Skag Dealer 30 miles away.

    Suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Capemay Eagle

    Capemay Eagle LawnSite Bronze Member
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    For one acre all the machines listed are overkill IMO. THe Mini fasttrak would be perfect for you and alot less than $5,000.
  3. dgfitz

    dgfitz LawnSite Member
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    That Fastrack is your ticket, pro Kawi engine, and very easy to service
    yourself. If you have a bad back the Flex Forks work wonderfully, all
    the others are good too, but you asked for the best.
  4. nmurph

    nmurph LawnSite Senior Member
    from ga
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    ditto.........1 acre and under is where the Mini Fasttrak (about $3800) shines.
    if you insist on a mower you listed, the exmark, scag and Hustler are all well liked. i would go for the Fasttrak. i has 4.5" of trim, a 4 yr warranty and Hustler's top-shelf factory customer support.
    as to the zt 2800......they are commercial. you will never wear them out cutting 1 acre. many mfr are using them in their high-end estate/entry-level commercial mowers
  5. radman40

    radman40 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the input. The exmark dealer is bringing over the three machines above to demo tonight. The dealership is the closest and has a good reputation in the area (IH dealer)
    So from the comments would you still take a new '07hustler mini track 17 Kohler Courage with 42" deck, $4,200 over the '06 exmark Phazer 19 hp Kawasaki with the 44" trivantage 7 gage deck -12 hrs for $4,300 with the mulch and strip kits included? To me the Phazer looks like more machine for the same money.
    Pros: heavier deck, better spindles, better engine
    Cons: narrower stance, 2 year vs. 4 year warranty
    Plan to look over the Hustlers in person again.
  6. nmurph

    nmurph LawnSite Senior Member
    from ga
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    the only area where i see an advantage with the phazer is in the hydro's. read the specs carefully, the phazer deck is reinforced with 7 guage. either machine will last many years cutting 1 acre per week. i personally am very fond of my Mini Fasttrak. i would think that you could do a little better than $4200 for a mft. the better warranty and outstanding factory support mean a lot to me. if you haven't already done so, go read the Hustler forum. PJ absolutely is there for any problem, no matter how small it seems.
  7. Capemay Eagle

    Capemay Eagle LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I don't know who gave you a price on 4,200 for the Mini fastrak but I paid $3665.00 for mine, take that I have 7% sales tax in NJ that took it to $3900.00. I know I could have done a few hundred better if I would have taken a hour ride west of me, I just would rater deal local. I also could have got a 44in hustler fastrak with the 19 kawi with one cut under its belt for $4400.00 at the same place, but it was just not necessary for my one acre..Me and Murph can attest that Hustler is a great machine, and a great warranty. I would deffiantly check that price for the MFT..
  8. radman40

    radman40 LawnSite Member
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    I typed a post two nights ago and it vanished before posting. I pulled the trigger today and got the Phazer with 12 hrs on it, mulch kit, hitch, for $3,900. Agree the Hustler Mini fast track is a great machine too, confirmed price of $3,800 at two places, and my second choice. Came down to the motor, transaxles, and location. 19HP Kawasaki FH vs. 17 HP Kohler Courage, ZT-2800 vs. EZT, little wider (tire to tire) 39.5 vs. 37.75, little heavier 610 lbs vs. 572 lbs, 6 miles vs. 30 miles. Per comment above - the deck side skirts are 7 gauge with 10 gauge top reinforced with 7 gauge ring. My novice mindset really wanted a KAW motor. I respect the Hustler dealer who ageed/recommended the mini fastrak for 1 acre and did not try and upsell me a larger machine. If I didn't get Phazer for basically $60 less (Mulch kit included) I would have bought the MFT ($3,800) Thanks for your opinions.

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