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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by keegan99usa, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. keegan99usa

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    I know you are all "in the business", but us regular guys need help from you pro's.
    That being said, I am looking to purchase a ZTR mower and do not have a clue. My lawn is just about 3 acres, yes 3 acres! It was 4 til we put up a house, lol. My lawn tractor was (is) a Kubota Diesel with 48" deck. It takes me about 4 hours and the tractor has been used (1985).
    I would like to keep the price tag under $5000 if I can. I also would like to have the option of plowing or blowing my driveway in the winter (200' long). My brother works for John Deere and says I can get somewhat of a deal, but I need to know your recommendations. Please, send me in the right direction. I am located in Central Wisconsin and I'm probablly giving up an ATV to buy a lawn mower:(. All I know is that my Kubota is just not going to cut it again. It takes too long and I only have about 2" of adjustment in length. I also might add that I would rather mulch than bag.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. BSDeality

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    you'll be hard pressed to find anything new that will save you any time. i wouldn't go for anything smaller than 60" I'd even look at 72" decks. that being said look for a used model. As far as brands.... i would base some of my decision on dealer proximity and support.

    This forum is very pro eXmark. i'd look into gravely since you mentioned you might want to blow the driveway in the winter. The gravelys come with hydraulic deck/attachment controls.
  3. barnard

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    Is your Kubota worn out? If not and considering you still want to clear some snow , I'd buy a self contained 60 " and pull behind your current rig. Shouldn't cost over 2 grand tops and would widen your swath to just over 100 inches. A good ZTR will definately cost mower and aren't really suited to snow removal.
  4. keegan99usa

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    No the Kubota is not worn out, but not very good about going around trees and landscaping. I wan t something that rides better, is more manuverable and doesn't run as hot. The diesel is pretty loud, smoking a bit and rides like a lumber wagon. Not interested in a pullbehind at all. I would pull it behind a new ATV if that were the case. Really now, what should I expect to pay and what models please?
  5. P&C Lawn Care

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    Look at a front mount Grasshopper. Not manyother ZTR's can convert to plowing or blowing as well. It is not in your price range but the deck can be removed and it has a PTO for a plow or a snowblower. With an outfront deck it saves time on handtrimming, goes around and under trees easily. Whatever you get look at a larger deck, like a 60".
  6. Meg-Mo

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    Since your brother works for John Deere you can't go wrong, but put a set of Meg-Mo Blades on it and you can't go wrong. No more bagging. No special mulching blades or kits needed for your mower.
  7. moonkat

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  8. keegan99usa

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    Thanks you all for the replies. Links to websites with info and pricing would be very helpful.
    Moonkat, I will check with what you said.
    I am not tied to a $5000 price, just wondering what I need to spend to get a trouble free mower.
    Is a front mower a better option than a ZTR?
    Just wondering and thank yo all so much for the fast response.
  9. floridalawncare

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    if it were me keegan, i'd look for a used, but not too old grasshopper front mount. if you're willing to come off the 5000 dollar price cap, i'd get a new one. the newer ones have vastly improved the decks and mounting design. but in the same token, people will be selling the "old style" cheaper now in order to get the improved units. the improvements include bearings in the front wheel pivots, flip up deck, duramax deck design, better wheel bearings, and a few other things. the front mount is the world's best at triming close to trees and srubs. you can run the deck up in and around trees and shrubs without getting beat up by low hanging tree limbs. thet also offer all and many more attatchments you inquired about above. a 725k61 is what i'd recomend. if you want it in a smaller, then get a 725k52. try your best to get the g2 drives on one. the g2's are far better than any drive you can get on most mowers. they sport a 21cc hyudro gear pump with cooling fans. very few mowers come close to that. if i can help let me know!
  10. floridalawncare

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    oh yeah, go to for more info.

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