Besy Fungicide for Curative of Pythium Blight?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Whitey4, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Whitey4

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    Already identified, and told home owner about afternoon watering, but I've gotten dome contradicting info on what fungicide would be best. Heritage? Signature? Bayer Armada? I've seen each of these listed as preventaives, and with varying curative performance reports. Wading throuh all the info has left me confused and with no clear idea of which control is best as a curative.

    As a side note.... I had some trouble deciding if this was Summer patch or brown patch at first, or pythium blight.... this is my first year in the pesticide biz.... and still plenty to learn. Is there a good tank mix for a shotgun fungicide app? I've read Bayelton and Signiture are labeled for a tank mix.... anyone try this? Effectiveness for a "kill all" fungicide approach?

    Any feedback MOST appreciated!
  2. TPendagast

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    the problem with fungicide is PRICE.
    IT takes three times as much app to CURE as prevent AND an application to prevent is crazy expensive.
    They key term here is economic threshold.

    How much area is infested?

    Also where is the Pythium, and what caused it. It's pointless to cure and not solve the cause.

    Pythium can be ferted out with heavy nitrogen cut cosntantly (twice per week) and then simply resod the damaged dead area.

    Alot depends on the SIZE of the affected area.

    If I was going to treat Id use bayleton
  3. Az Gardener

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    Subue as a preventative, Banrot as a contact killer.
  4. greendoctor

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    I have come across many mistreated lawns in my 16+ years in the business. Overwatered and uderfertilized, not too mention mowed too high so the thatch builds up around 3". To save the lawn now, I use 3336, max label rate, Insignia or Heritage, and Subdue. This is applied with 1/2 lb N and 1/4 lb K. I do not use this toxic martini for routine lawn care. It is only to save a lawn about to check out. Thereafter, the lawn is put on a correct watering program, verticut, regularly fertilized and mowed at the proper height. It is very rare that I am ever applying any kind of fungicides to a lawn on my maintenance program. Healthy, vigorous turf resists diseases.
  5. greendoctor

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    Before anyone says anything about the cost of that mix, zoysia sod is $3250 per M, st augustine and bermuda is $2750 and centipede is $5000 here. If a lawn dies here it is not a matter of raking in some seed and letting it grow. If disease happens on my watch, I eat the cost of the fungicide. If a client not on my program calls for a one time treament, it is $75 per M. Which is still cheaper than new grass.
  6. golfguy

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    Scotts fungicide V with the active ingrdient of Chloroneb is the most economical treatment at approximately $125 CDN a bag. The treament is only good for about 7 days but will stop it dead in its tracks.

    I would not be fertilizing the area. Pythium attacks areas High in N.

    If the affected area is young seed straight humidity can be enough to set the disease off in the form of Damping off.

    If it is an established lawn you have either received regular nightly rains or have poor watering practices.

    Three biggest factors affecting Pythium development; 1. Leaf wetness
    2. Lack of air circulation 3. High N
  7. Whitey4

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    This is a new customer, new lawn. I applied Lebanon 20-4-10 with .29% Barricade at 1lb per k April 12, and the second fert was Lebanon 25-2-5 Mesa with Iron at 1 lb per k around May 28. I don't think lack of N caused the problem. The customer had been watering at 4pm every other day putting down about 1 inch each time he watered.

    I'm not about to eat a fungicide application for no charge under these circumstances. I mowed at 2.5" until June 1, then raised the cut to 3". I see nothing here that I did to create the problem.... if anything, it could be argued I put down too much N already. I cut my July fert down to 1/2lb per k of N as opposed to the full 1lb of N I use in my first two apps.

    The infection started in two spots which get partial shade, but not much. Perfectly round dead spots, one 6", another about 4" two feet away. Complete kill of the turf. This stand of turf is isolated by sidewalks.... it's about 110 sq ft. I used my 21" mower on it, and the WB on the rest of the lawn to try to reduce the risk of spread.

    So, I've counseled the home owner on am waterings, (as opposed to the early pm watering schedule he was using), done what I could to prevent spread, but now need a curative. Bayelton is not labeled for pythium blight, but I know many controls may not be labeled for a specific fungus but will offer some control none the less.

    Az.... I will look into Banrot.... never heard of it before. I can of course throw more N at it.... but with 2 lbs down already, I doubt lack of N caused the infection.

    Thanks for the feedback.... but I will NOT treat this for free thinking it was somehow a fault of my own.... chit happens, and when it does, and it's not my fault, I aint gonna swallow the egg!
  8. golfguy

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    Bayleton is a DMI - It will not control pythium.

    If you do not like the Fungicide V granular application switch into the Subdue at 1oz / 1000. It is by fat the cadillac.
  9. Whitey4

    Whitey4 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I'm a newly legal certified tech in my first year.... and I don't like or dislike any fungicide yet.... I am not experienced enough to have an opinion, so I asked for opinions here. I take it you suggest the Subdue? I WILL charge for the app.... no freebie on this one. My concern is, will it work? If I can garantee the app, I can sell it. Would you garantee that a Subdue app will be a one time curative? Might a second app be needed?

    I'm not challenging anyone here.... just trying to get a feel for the effectiveness of the suggested curative apps some may have used.... and I also read that Bayelton won't work here, but that a Bayelton/Signature mix might make for a "broad spectrum" fungicidal control that might work on many fungi infections, a sort of "catch all" of type.... but it doesnt appear to cover all the bases.... pythium apparently needs a very targeted fungicide app.
  10. TPendagast

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    New lawn and hes watering at 4pm. The 4 pm is the number cause right there.
    It's totally the wrong time to water, have him change the clock to 4 am.

    That much water sitting over night with that much regularity is inviting disease.

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