Bet u`ve never been out bid by this much

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CMLLawnServices, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. A few weeks ago the tenders came out for 4 schools in my area, I put in a bid. all four totaled about $30 thousand a year. gross if i got them at my price. I put in my bid and I had a mower that a guy a know was gonna sell me ( toro grounds master 300 series 6 foot cut) if i got the contracts so I could put it and my ZTR out there . I put in 27.50 per man per machine. with is the median in this area. I thought i had a good chance at it . I was worried that some old guy would tender for something to do and go real low. old guys are worse than scrubs around here , we don`t have any scrubs, only old people that do it for something to do. so the letter comes in the mail today and it says that one guy got them all for.. get this $16.00 per hour:angry: :angry: :angry: i`m gonna b*tch to the superentendant at every blade of grass that isn`t cut. I haven`t seen this guy or his machines yet . but for $16 per hour he wont have the 1 million in liability insurence that is required. I have 2 mill btw . i`m so angry , if it was a few bucks either way i`d be ok but how the hell is anyone gonna make a livin . there should be an ethics law or some thing ........... just thinking out load. I guess there will always be scrubs in this biz nothin we can do about it.
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    I have. :sleeping:
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    Wow. I would move! :blob2:

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    What a waste.

    I hope the guy don't last 4 months. In my area the county needs copies of insurance, references and must inspect your equipment. I guess that they have been burnt before. Maybe you will get the rebound.
  5. i`m hopein to, i sent a copy of my insurence with my tender, but it wasn`t said that u had to do that . I hope he dosn`t last a month. i`m gonna talk to him no matter what, just to see what he has to say i`m not gonna mention to him that i bid on these contracts.
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    I know how you feel.

    A local township was looking for lawn care for 5 parks. So I put the time in measureing and figuring, all that stuff, and came up with a very fair price. Got the letter today saying that the town has decided to buy their own mower and have a local man's 16 year daughter do it. That not legal. Very frustrating. Who knows, maybe I'll get a call in a month or two.
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    I can better that. I bid the common ground of this exclusive condo golf resort about eight years ago. I was the second lowest bidder. The winning bid was from a company in CA. Keep in mind I live in FL. Well their bid was $86,000.00 lower than mine!!!

    I had to laugh about it. I was doing a couple of condo complexes in the place so I watched them. By the end of the year they had to replace sod. They used, get this, 22 truck loads. there are 16 pallets of sod holding 440 sq. ft. That is a grand total of 154,880 sq. ft. Hahahahahaha!:D :D

    Now here is where it gets funny. They got the contract again the following year!! I just shook my head.

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