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better 36?


LawnSite Member
Anyone ever seen or used this better quick 36 advertised on this site? How about the pluggr aerator? I've heard from a distributor that the pluggrs are, "junk" but he carrys billygoat. I've also got a line on a used blubird for $1000- good price, I think, but the bluebirds really beat you up. Input?


LawnSite Senior Member
chicago suburbs
the better 36" is a mower, it sounds as if you think it is a aerator. i've used ryan aerator and they suck on hard turf, you have to do the lawn twice to pull enough plugs. i've heard plugger are great:confused: i have'nt used one though:)


LawnSite Senior Member
I got a Plugr aerator last year, best aerator to use. I've use the other brands and they beat the crap out of you by the end of the day. With the Plugr aerator, I feel good at the end of the day. Lawns do not need watered before aerating with the Plugr. Pulls great plugs. The Better 36 mower is a new mower and if you do a search, threads will pop up.


LawnSite Gold Member
Mooresville NC
Mtn I have the plugger and it pulls great plugs. Built great and is easy to turn. Alot of my customers are water front with steep hills and I have some problems on the hills. Does not want to go up hill. Great for flat land. I did not like the way the handle felt in my hands and I had a few questions about tines so I called Rock Soild and got the greatest customer service. They were very helpful and sent a new handle which had been redesigned and are going to help with a different hardness on the tines. They make a good product and they back it up. On the great customer service note, I have called Gary Partridge about the Quick 36 and he also was most helpful. I'm planning to go test one of his units, just have not had a spare 3 hours, Gary was very willing to work with my schedule to allow me to test the unit. If all goes well I think that will work well as a trim and small lot mower. I have a lot of backing up to do ( in and out of small pockets) and my belt drive just does not cut it. I'm am going to try to go next week and if so will report.