Better alternative to an alarm system?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by TriCityLawnCareLLC, Feb 17, 2013.

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    We just acquired a nice shop with office space. Sits on Main Street in a smaller city. I was told there have never been problems with vandalism or burglary but I know once people see what we have in the shop, someone will get a little too curious.

    Now, all the locks and dead bolts will be changed, garage bay doors will have the slide locked in with a pad lock every night (3 garage doors). Ill be putting a lock in the door from the office into the garage. Flood lights outside and eventually (months from now) 3m security film installed on all windows. I'm having 6-8 cameras installed with DVr and live stream features.

    I plan on having a security system installed professionally but my question is, how effective will this be? Would it be better to put in my own system with montion sensors and a general loud alarm that goes off with a way to send me an alert when the system goes off?

    Professional system costs to install and costs monthly. Thoughts from your experience?
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    Best part of the alarm system you can have system set up to receive a text when motion detected in shop or view it live from a smart phone from any where :waving:
  3. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    I'm trying to decide if i want to have one installed and pay for monitoring or just install one myself. Yes i want something that will alert me when motion detectors go off
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    Talk to your insurance agent regarding which option would be better in their eyes for coverage on stuff SHOULD an incident occur. Also look into a system with a PA speaker and real time announcement from the alarm monitoring company. What this is, is a system where when motion is detected there is a live person that can monitor your camera feed and speak in real time through a speaker system over the internet to the suspect(s) in your building, warning them to leave now or face prosecution. This would be most used on the outside of your building to ward off people that may linger around the outside of the business.
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    Don't this main street have police running around? Sadly this is why we took the approach of high fences no sign and trying to stay out of sight. Back fence is barbed wire. We put pallets of mulch all around and that is almost 6 ft. tall.

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