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Better business phone?

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  1. JBNC

    JBNC LawnSite Member
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    Your whole post was very well said.

    Here's some more things I could see a solo LCO using on a daily basis-

    -Checking the weather
    -Checking bank accounts
    -Paying bills
    -Taking a picture of your work to update your companies facebook?
    -Check area for lowest gas prices
    -Pull up app to help identify weeds/funguses
    -Deposit checks in your truck, on your phone
    -Run clients credit cards in your truck, on your phone
    -Send clients an emailed invoice when you leave the jobsite with the touch of a button
    -Keep database of clients with phone number, email, address, etc.
    -Use GPS to get somewhere unfamiliar
    -Search for the closest places to eat while in unfamiliar areas
    -Your dealer doesn't have a part? No problem just google other area dealers and call them until you find what you need.
    -Need something from Lowe's? Pull up the app and and buy it on your phone, walk in to the store and it's at the counter waiting on you.
    -Of course you can also email, text, and make phone calls. :laugh:

    The possibilities are endless, those of you who aren't utilizing smart phones/tablets are only going to fall behind your competitors in time. Get with the times.
  2. weeze

    weeze LawnSite Fanatic
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    i'm not trying to be disagreable but most of the stuff you listed is useless. not trying to say you can't use it for those things but personally i have no need to use my phone in most of those ways.

    -weather? it's never right..very can tell if it starts raining if you are working. no way to know what exact time it will start otherwise.

    -checking bank accounts? not sure why you would need to do that. i have a checkbook to let me know what is in my bank account.

    -paying bills? why don't you just pay bills when you get home after working?

    +taking pictures? i do use my phone for that sometimes so i agree with this one.

    -gas prices? are u serious? i never drive down the road just to save a few cents on gas. i always use the same gas stations. Chevron and Exxon. no cheap stuff.

    -weeds/fungus? study that while at home on the computer.

    -deposit checks? i wait til the end of the week and stop by the bank and deposit all of them at the same time.

    -credit cards? nope. none of my customers ever pay with a credit/debit card. they all pay with check or cash.

    -email invoice? another no. only one of my customers has ever emailed me. most of my customers pay me at time of service in person or by leaving a check. i only invoice 2-3 customers and i do it by mail.

    -client database? i have their number but all of their info is written down in a notebook.

    -gps? i have a gps already in my truck. don't need a phone gps.

    -places to eat? :laugh: this one is funny. i know where to go eat in the town i live in. most i drive right by while going from house to house.

    -parts? i don't go buy parts while working. if something happens then i'll be driving to the dealer anyways to leave my mower while they give me a loaner plus there's really only one dealer around within driving distance. if it can wait a few days i can just order it online when i get home after work. i would get it just as fast as a dealer would get it if they had to order it.

    -lowes? why would you go to lowe's during the workday? i would go after work or on the weekend.

    +i do text and call with my phone. i never email with my phone. i do that at home on my laptop. a text is better than email anyways. not everyone checks their email everyday but they do check their phone every day.

    it's not about being with the times. i have nothing against technology. it's just most of it is useless or you can get by just fine without it. you guys act like your life is so busy that you are getting 100calls a day or something. it's not that way for me. the most customer calls i ever had in a day was 5 and they were all on a saturday so i wasn't even working that day.
  3. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    i'm siding with jason on this one as well.

    none of those things are have to do things.

    pay your bills at home when your not working. you work outside so what do you need to check the weather for?

    anything that could be done on a computer does not need to be done while "in the field".

    i wake up have breakfast and start work at 8am sharp every day. working from one client to the next. sometimes if i don't touch the phone all day i finish by 4pm and use those extra couple of hours to return phone calls and emails.

    i would much rather finish working at 4pm and then take phone calls and emails than take them during the working day and not finish up work until 6pm.

    on average i get maybe 2 calls a which they usually wait until evening when i'm home for me to return them.
  4. JBNC

    JBNC LawnSite Member
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    Wasn't trying to start an argument, or saying that everyone uses all these things everyday. I was merely naming some things off the top of my head that a smart phone can do to make your day easier.
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  5. JBNC

    JBNC LawnSite Member
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    Again, not trying to start anything just clarifying my points.

    Weather- your right, not always accurate but the radar sure comes in handy and is always accurate.

    Pay Bills - Can be a lot easier than doing it at home. For instance my phone and credit card companies have apps that alert me when my bill is ready, I hit the pay button and I'm done with it. Takes 5 seconds.

    Gas- I've seen gas prices vary by .40c in the same area, that can amount to some good savings. But I'm anal about saving money, if in spending over $50 I'm researching the product and finding the cheapest place to buy it with coupons or whatever. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

    Food- That's why I said in unfamiliar areas.

    Weeds- You've never had a customer ask you about a problem in their lawn that you didn't know? There's an app for that!

    Not saying your way is bad, just that eventually everything is going to be digital and your ways will appear archaic compared to other LCO's. This industry is very cut throat, why not use whatever you can to put yourself ahead of the competition. Just my .02
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  6. weeze

    weeze LawnSite Fanatic
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    i'm not against people using them. it's fine. everyone is gonna do things a bit differently. if people like to use it in more ways then that's fine. i just prefer to do alot of things the old way i guess. :laugh: i don't think anyone will be put behind the competition because they don't do everything on their phone though. it's just personal preference. if you like to use the phone for everything then do it. if not then don't. it's not a big deal. use it however you feel you need to use it to better your business.
  7. JBNC

    JBNC LawnSite Member
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    No problem with that, don't fix it if it ain't broke right? Everyone is going to do what works best for them and their customers.
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  8. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
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  9. Valk

    Valk LawnSite Silver Member
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    Does something really have to be broke to fix it?
    What about preventative maintenance? :cry: / :laugh:
  10. yardguy28

    yardguy28 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,463

    when talking about equipment yes, preventative maintenance.

    but my company isn't going to go belly up in one day just because i wait until evening to return phone calls and answer emails.

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