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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WillMowForBeer, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. WillMowForBeer

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    I was looking at buying a Quick36 from Better outdoor prods. but I saw a Toro at Home Depot today for about the same price. The Toro is the Z420, 42" cut zero turn rider for $2,600. The Quick36 is only 36" but will still fit thru most gates. My main turn off with the Toro is the 16hp motor. I know its build for homeowners but I am on a very tight budget for start-up.

    Any Suggestions on the better of the two?
    Buying both would solve my dilema though!:p

  2. impactlandscaping

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    If those are your two choices, by all means get the Superduty from Better.Lesson number two: stay out of Home Depot! and away from homeowner POS. It may be enticing to use a store charge card, but'll be better off in the long run.
  3. firefightergw

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    I wouldn't buy the 42" Toro. What you have to keep in mind is that it just isn't the engine but the deck as well. The deck that is on that model just will not hold up very long to commercial use. You will save a lot of money, initially but I believe your cost will be higher in the long run. Mowing 25-30 lawns a week for the season is too much for that mower. You will be lucky it will last all season without at least some amount of down-time due to broken parts, belt pulleys, or something else. If it's not working for you, it is costing you money. My guess is that you would have to replace it next year. In that case you are now looking at $5,300 spent over two years and you would be better off getting a commercial mower that will last you five. $5,300 over five years is $1,100 a year which is considerably less that your cost for the 42" Toro.

    I must admit, I am not familiar with the Quick36. It does have a Briggs engine which historically is used primarily on your residential mowers. The web page says that this engine is built to commercial specs. Why do they feel they have to mention that? If it was me, I would take the $2,000 and buy a lightly used commercial walk-behind with a Kawasaki or Kohler engine as well as a commercial grade deck and pulley system.
  4. WillMowForBeer

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    I had my doubts about the toro it was just the name(and the price) that drew me in. I really like what I have heard about the quick36 and I plan to demo one next week in carolina (superduty $2,495.) Thanks for the quick response!:drinkup: My hope is that the mower will withstand the beating it is about to receive!
  5. imograss

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    The Quick Super Duty is a very nice mower. I haven't had a chance to cut alot of grass with it, but the vacume and bagging with the aluminum catcher is outstanding on leaves. It is the easiest starting mower I own (27/60 Super Z, Deere HD75). Better was extremely easy to deal with. Just my 02.
  6. LawnTamer

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    You've gotten some good advice here. Just because it has the Toro name doesn't make it commercial quality. Heck for $2,600 you could get a commercial 36" Toro T-bar, (mine's cut over 8,500 lawns), that or the Quick 36 will be cuttin' grass years after the homeowner mower was decorating the local landfil. Better to have a piece of equipment that you love using for 10 years than a piece of junk you hate for a year and a half. I learned that the hard way.:cry:

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