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Discussion in 'Toro' started by Southern Elegance, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. mysteryman

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    Thanks again, LCPullman, I will look at the link...speed, however, is not important. I don't have speed, but would trade it for 'eveness' if I could. I need the reverse to get out of situations on a hill, even power is what would work best for me, speed would likely spin the wheels. maybe I'm egtting caught up in words here (speed, power, etc) but I think you know what I mean to say. Thank you.
  2. grassman177

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    hey lcpullman, nice info on adjsutments in case i come across this issue. thanks i bookmarked it just in case too
  3. BCR840

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    I know I may be a little late on this... Anyway I have a 52" Scorpion and this same issue in the beginning. It would track straight, going fwd. but in reverse it was like I could not gain control. I also felt a difference in speed and response between the left and right controls. I did some some troubleshooting and here are some things that made a difference. Air pressure in the tires were a huge problem, the slightest difference would cause tractionn problems to. The terrain was also a factor. My mower has the gas tank on the right side of the mower, so as I used up the gas it would change the way it responded. it was not very much but I did notice a difference. I understand that the GS has the tank in the middle. Overall i have not ever been able to get the mower to drive exactly straight in reverse. It never seems to be a real problem unless you are on a hill trying to back up. I had similar issues with a WB to, so it may just be that way. I do agree that it should not be going into a circle while reversing. I always have to juggle the controls while holding a straight line due to terrain anyway. Hope this helps you.
  4. mysteryman

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    Thanks, BCR840, I've been through the troubleshooting, the dealer had the machine twice, the right pump just acts as if it's dead, except that moving forward disproves this. As long as other Grandstand owners aren't complaining about this reverse problem nothing will be identified as a design or manufactusing flaw. I guess I have that one machine out of so-many that just has issues.
  5. BCR840

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    I just wish sometimes these dealers would go the extra mile to find a fix or get the mower working no matter what it takes. Maybe its just me but I would loose sleep at night over some of these mower issues. If dealers felt the same way as far as how important it is to us (LCO's) to have our equipment working properly we may just not be having these uneasy feelings about Toro or whatever company it may be. Toro needs to screen their dealers better. Good luck.
  6. The Toro Company

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    Hi BCR840,

    Please let us know the model and serial number and we'll see if we can help you.

    Thank you,
    The Toro Company
  7. BCR840

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    I do not own a Toro.... yet. But have been following these threads very close. My point in the post above is to say that sometimes it may not be the company's fault on these issues people are having. I have noticed it is more the dealers that dont go the extra mile, or just do not know how to fix the problem. In my example, I had reverse issues, deck would not level, and the hillside stability was terrible on my Everride. I took it to a "Dealer" and he performed a test on the hydro pumps, cleaned out the system, replaced seals, and the list goes on. I tthen was looking over the mower myself one day adn noticed that the right front caster arm was welded on crooked. I took it back to the "Dealer" and he ordered a replacement. When it came in he installed it, called me to pick it up, and said it was all fixed, he checked the deck leveling and all. I went home and found it was even worse. I then spent 2 weeks trying to figure out on my own. I finally found the problem.... The "dealer" installed the new caster arm upside down. What an idiot. Once i put it on right all of my problems were solved. It was only a 2" difference in the level of the mower, but it was a huge problem. Alot of time was wasted, and I never took it back to that dealer. Everride was wonderful in helping through the whole process. I am now considering a Toro GS, but have not yet been able to decide on a dealer to go with.
  8. grassman177

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    you dealer makes the difference. that is a motto of a car dealership here in the area. it holds nothing but true.
  9. M & L

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    I think? the original poster, and mysteryman are the ones who need help.

    Bcr, My Great Dane did that at first. It is aggrevating when you take a 7k plus piece of equipment to some one and they just dont figure it out.
    Then I work on it and figure some things out.
    (like when they did a service, they moved a link rod, still unknown why)

    I Am working with a new to me (this year) service shop and they get it...My mower goes fast strait forward and reverse!!!
  10. Jimslawncareservice

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    I agree with screening dealer better. my toro dealer subs all his stuff out. the guy he subs it too gives me the finger when i see him for no reason. i have never met or talked to him. I was concidering a gs but just cant get over he subs work out. I do buy stuff there not mowers just hand helds and snow blowers, but its stuff i can work on or take to a small engine guy

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