Better keep your little lady/better half/wife VERY happy.

Missing Please help.

2003 F 250 Ford truck, Red in color
24' box trailor, red in color

If seen please contact_________

I were at a mower shop today and the guy showed me a flyer that a man dropped off over two weeks ago.
Seems as if the guy and his ole lady had a big falling out and she decided to leave while he went fishing one day.
Problem is, She took his truck which happened to be hooked to his trailor that contained all of his lawn care equipment. :eek:
The flyer had a good detailed listing of all of the equipment that was in the truck and trailor. Some high quailty equipment I might add.

If she has been gone for over two weeks. I wonder if she is selling his stuff off to fund her trip.

I feel for the guy and wish him luck. But I had to laugh..

I thought that I would remind everyone. Keep that little lady happy or you may find yourself sitting at home wondering where your equipment went.


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the guy probably spend too much time in the field, so the little lady left for another guy, with the equipment to get back at the guy for all the years


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She took away his means of support and will now come back with a lawyer and tell him she wants $3000.00 a month in support!
I don't envy him but it does take two to tango.
I were thinking along the same lines. She will either bust him big time. Or if she left with/for another guy. He will be set up to start a lawn care business without investing a dime.

Like I said I feel for the guy.


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He oughtta get the law involved and try to land her in jail! That's theft, no matter what she's trying to prove. You can believe one thing, if it were the other way around (he got her pregnant and tried to get away with his money), she'd be rakin' him over the coals (child support), I guarantee it! She shoulda known. . .payback's a b****!


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I have a friend of mine that came across a half-way decent deal on some tools. He paid this lady $1000. for them. What were they? A 5' cabinet with two sideboxes and shelves. It was loaded..........with Snap-On tools. It had everything including probes and testers. One whole drawer was devoted to Mac impacts, drivers, extension, and breaker bars. This was just crazy. She also had 2 brand new Sea-Doo's on a trailer. She said $4000. would take them. Go figure.