Better Leaf Loader? Lesco or Billy Goat

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by limaint, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. lawnboy dan

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    they are selling off the left over units. lesco is not in biz anymore. the lesco stores are now john deere green services or something like it. partrs will be a problem in the future.
  2. SDLandscapes VT

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    If you have a third party option I would strongly suggest you look at a monster. I owned a billy goat and we had no problems, but when we needed an upgrade, the billy goat offering wasn't built in a way that would allow it to work for our application without modification right from the get go. We bought a monster trailer mount subaru 28 HP EFI 12" loader and have been very happy. While the billygoat does have the piranha blade, we found that the reduction was better with the monster. Further more both my dealer and I were amazed at how much more ruggedly the monster construction was compared to the billy goat.
    just something to consider
  3. bobbycat02

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    We use billy goat all the way we are on our 2nd unit 1st bought in 1998 one lasted 8 plus years replaced housing and impeller and housing after 6 yrs and used it for two more years than sold it for 750.00 then bought new in 2008. Hint we only use it for fall clean ups so it last a lot longer. We do our clean ups so well in the fall there no need to use it in spring why spend 3,500 for 35 to 45 days well simple you will do more leave jobs in fall than spring besides leaves left all winter and wet springs are always hard to suck up anyway and it will get you in shape for the new season ahead.:usflag:

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