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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jefftb, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Let's say you have two choices:

    #1 14" x 17.5" tires with Loegering or Grouser Steel OTT

    #2 12" x 16.5" tires with McLaren Protrac OTT-rubber or steel pads

    The Loegering/Grouser OTT option puts less pad area on the ground at one time but are quite proven over time. The pads are farther apart and should retain less mud but provides less tire protection.

    The McLaren Protrac puts more pads on the ground at one time as they are closer together and provides much more tire protection. They should provide more flotation than the Loegering/Grouser OTT but would also more likely retain more mud as well.

    Which setup do you think would allow for greater stability and tractive force? Which do you guys think would be easier on the machine #1 or #2?
  2. Nelson M Martin

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    not sure if there will be major difference in tractive effort but i am sure the Mclaren will ride smoother with the closer spacing of the pads. i have seen the difference between grouser OTT and Mclaren diamond OTT, there was a big difference in ride and not much difference for traction

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