Better Outdoor Products End Of Season Sale!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Quick36, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Quick36

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  2. Tim03

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    I looked over the web page the video was on and didn't see an ending date for the special.

    Is this special going to be in effect through October 25 at least? October 23-25 is GIE Expo in Louiseville, Kentucky and I was told BOP is going to be there this year with machines to demo.

    Some of us want to try out a machine before committing money to it.
  3. larryinalabama

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    Is the Duelly step saver avaible yet?
  4. Az Gardener

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    Well that blows :cry: I have had my new BOP Quick 44 for exactly one week and now there is a sale :confused: That just ain't right :cry:
  5. Happy Frog

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    Before ordering my Dually Samurai, I asked BOP if the Dually would come on sale before the end of the year and was told it would not be...
    Now, there is a $400 rebate and free engine kit for buying one...
    And I still not have received the Dually Step Saver...
  6. RAW

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    Picked my 36" Dually up today!! :waving:
  7. willretire@40

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  8. Happy Frog

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    Well, here is an update:
    BOP called me to let me know that my Dually Step Saver should be shipped out next week and without any asking, gave me a great deal to make it up to me payup
    Thanks BOP, you are real gentlemen and know how to take care of your customers. :clapping:
  9. FaithNoMan

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    I've been following the BOP threads for awhile now, and I like what I see.

    How would a single hydro 32 or 36 fare in residentials in the Orlando area? (I don't see too many slopes around here) Does having the sulky ever help any of you guys on gentle slopes by giving the rider a slight mechanical advantage?(being able to stand and hold the machine as opposed to walking and holding on a sideways slope)

  10. GPDesign1

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    Shameless Friday afternoon BUMP...

    Just doing our part to help the American economy. :dizzy:

    Happy weekend Lawnsite! :waving:


    PS: Betcha all are wishin' now you'd paid a little bit more attention to Ron Paul, huh? Those Republicrats Hussein O'Cain or Joback Yomama ain't looking near as pretty , are they??? :hammerhead: Ahhh, but don' worry... Uncle Hank and the (privately-owned) FED are gonna print enough (fake) money that pretty soon, we'll ALL be (involuntary) millionaires! :laugh:

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