Better Outdoor Products Going Out of Business ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnMowerKing10, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. chuacro

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    Got rid of my 32 dually after 1 year and took a $700 lost. Best move that I have made.
  2. Roger

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    Just for clarification, they did not make it. Let's get the tense right.

    If they did, they would still be selling product.
  3. BINKY1902

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    Yeah I realize the thread was from when they were out of business. The thing is that nobody knew they were out of business, and didn't get calls and messages returned. As far as reading posts on them, how else is someone supposed to find out about a direct sale mower? I would have had to buy one or view reviews from owners. I'm just saying that from the feedback I got I didn't want one. The thread I posted was not the first time I read about issues with the mower or service. I'm glad you had a good experience with them, and I'm really not trying to pile on them. If they would have had a dealership network I could have formed my own opinion about them, but since they didn't I had to rely on what I read on this site. I think that is probably one reason they didn't make it. I hope they pull out of it as well, and I hate to see anyone go out of business. I do feel bad for guys that own one now, because while parts may be available now, in two years I don't see how it will be possible if they shut the doors. It seems to me that once they sell out of parts that will be it. I doubt they are continuing to buy parts from manufacturers to stock the shelves.

    The important thing to me is that nobody really seems to know exactly what is going on with them, and this far into the cease in production that is not good. I honestly hope they stay in business, because it would be bad if owners like you were no longer able to get parts for the mower that helps make your living. I'm in a similar situation as I own Encore mowers, and they were bought out and there are questions as to whether I can get parts in the future.
  4. jweiner

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    I have 36" dually. It's only 3 years old with very low miles and works great. Should I keep it or try to sell it?
  5. Ford4Ever

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    I believe a big portion of the problem was not just the dealer support but the parts availability. For example, I have owned both a Great Dane and a Wright and dont have a dealer for either within an hour but I could go to any Scag, Exmark, Hustler, etc dealer and pick up 90% of parts for my mowers. Cant do that with a Quick. Not that ording parts from their website is a big deal but you dont have the option to just run down the road. Still, I almost considered buying one, sad to see them go.
  6. herler

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    Guess they're not better any more but I had a feeling about it
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  7. orangemower

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    Low miles? :) Mine has about 80hrs (not miles :) ) on it and it hasn't needed anything. You shouldn't need anything major for god knows how long. I bet BOP comes up with a investor and goes full bore into the market with a updated walk behind and a new ztr. At least I hope they do.
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  8. Roger

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    Just like a house sale, it only takes one investor to put their money at risk in this business.

    Why would anybody come to the table? Nobody has come forward for a long time, probably at least a year. Who would risk their capital on a failed business model? Yes, it could be revamped into something similar to what others are doing. But, would it be smart to try to be "one of many" in an already crowded product field? The investment to establish a dealer network, a large-scale campaign would be very significant.

    The financial world has many sitting on lots of cash these days. There is no shortage of money. The only question: Where to place this cash? Apparently, nobody with the cash reserves has felt the investment to be wise.

    The capital could come from individuals, or other businesses. As for individuals, one would have to see BOP as a great opportunity, one that with changes could do well for ROI. But, there are many other worthy opportunities too, others not carrying the risk of BOP. As for other businesses, the future for finances is uncertain, and they are sitting on piles of cash ready for a significant downturn in their own business.
  9. Richard Martin

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    There isn't as much cash sitting around as a lot of people think there is. While it does appear as though companies and corporations are sitting on tons of cash, the truth is that they have even more debt than they have cash.

    Lets take Ford Motors for example. It's well known that they didn't have to receive a bailout because they had their own cash. But they didn't have that cash because they were savvy businessmen. They had that cash because they mortgaged everything they owned right before the big crash. Ford owned most of their assets outright. Now they don't. Here's the story...

    Not even big banks have the cash that they appear to. Most of them are insolvent but for the miracle of changes of accounting and the mark to market rule. The average leverage of big banks is in excess of 40:1.

    And buying Better isn't simply a matter of pricing the assets and taking over the company. Better has a huge amount of liability (debt) that must be paid off when purchasing the company. There could be a deal worked with the current debtors that would allow new money without paying off the old debt but that's not how venture capitalists work.

    One more thing. If any other company wanted to build compact mowers, I don't recall any mention of patents on anything that Better built. I'm not saying that there aren't any but it's probably unlikely in regard to the size of the mowers. Why would some company buy Better and all of it's problems when they could just start fresh?

    The only reason no other company has bothered to build compact mowers is because there's no market for them. Better only sold a few thousand of them over 7 years.
  10. Richard Martin

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