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    Better Outdoor Products Service School

    The primary goal at Better Outdoor Products is to provide our Owners with a long and happy ownership experience with their Quick™ mowers. We work hard every day to deliver tough and reliable products that are packed with nice features at great prices.

    But the world of commercial landscaping can be a pretty brutal place and equipment is subject to long hours in a very tough environment. High usage and nasty operating conditions inevitably leads to wear. And as we all know, wear results in less than optimal performance and ultimately in downtime; both of which cost you money.

    In the competitive industry of pro landscaping, most of us can’t afford to wait for a repair shop to “work us into their schedule”. A better solution is to be armed with the tools, parts and know-how necessary to quickly (and easily) repair it yourself.

    Quick™ mowers were designed from the start to be simple to work on. With minimal training, any person using common hand-tools and with average mechanical skills can adjust, repair or replace anything on our mowers in an hour or less. In the time it would take you to load-up your equipment and drive to a dealer (not to mention waiting several days and then driving back), you can easily fix the problem and be up and mowing at top performance. The old phrase “Knowledge is Power” has never applied more…

    Developed specifically for landscape professionals, the Better Outdoor Products Service School is a one day, hands-on event hosted at the Factory that should equip you with a complete understanding of the inner-workings of your mower, help you diagnose problems and quickly implement solutions. Our Service School will include:

    • Complete tear-down and rebuild of all systems on a Quick mower
    • Diagnostics and repair of drivetrain, electrical, controls, chassis and deck
    • Complete small engine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair by a Factory-trained Master Service Tech
    • Preventative Maintenance and Daily Care

    Better representatives will be available to answer any and all of your questions regarding Quick™ mowers and accessories. After you complete this school, you should be ready to quickly and easily take care of any situation that occurs in “the Real World”.

    In addition to a good meal and some nice promotional items, Attendees will receive a copy of our comprehensive new Quick™ Service & Repair Manual along with other valuable engine service information. Service School participants will also receive Special Offers and on-going Partnership Discounts for Mowers, Service Parts and Accessories. Details to be announced during the event.

    Better Outdoor is committed to being your equipment supplier. Our Service School is just one more way in which we hope to contribute to your success. We look forward to seeing you there!



    Event: Better Outdoor Products Service School

    • For Registered Quick Owners Only
    • Special Offers and On-Going Partnership Discounts for Attendees
    • Shopping, Dining and Accommodations Available Nearby
    • Lunch to be provided


    Tuesday, November 20, 2007 8:30 AM-4:00 PM Eastern Time


    Better Outdoor Products, LLC
    West Point Business Park
    2595 Viceroy Drive
    Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103

    How do I sign-up?

    To make reservations, call us (toll-free) at 866-290-7295 or fill out the online form at our website. Reservations must be received no later than November 10, 2007 to guarantee available space.

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    This is a great idea GP !! I will see you in November.
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    Is there a cost for the school? I read thru the material on the website and saw no mention of pricing. I am considering making the trip up from Texas.
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    No charge for the school.
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    I would love to come but I have this thing called school to do. Maybe I can take a business trip?

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    Come on BOP fans...Who else is going to come to this FREE CLASS ??
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    Bump....come on guys...need more company in this class ...It will be a good time to meet, learn and then all go drink beer together....
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    Still mowing here that week. Sounds like a great class and I'd love to be a part of it.

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