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Better Sod Cutter Needed, Please Help

Plant Buyer 83

LawnSite Member
DC - Zone 6
We are looking to purchase some new sod cutters, we have been using Ryan for quite a while and quite frankly they are crap. Crews are always bringing them back after a days use and something is wrong. We need something to stand up to some major where are tare. Anybody have any suggestions from personal experience?? Thanks for the help.



LawnSite Senior Member
Try one of the Turfco KisCutters. Very simple and easy to use machine. Been out about 6/7 years. New design is on 4 tires with rear wheel drive and does not shake the !@#$%^&* out of you. Cuts 12 inch wide sod but is very productive like 9000 sq ft per hour. The nice part is it is very manuverable and easy to use. Call turfco at 800.679.8201 or go to turfco.com. It comes ready to go and they have a return policy if you do not like it.

I really like the one I have and several of my landscape buds have them here locally.