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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eggy, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. eggy

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    Well with winter upon me, I sit here pondering how to get a better strip out of the equipment. Any hints or tips? I am after something that will reallyy help the strip stand out from the other guys running the same ZTRS. Does anyone know of a chain kit for a turf tiger? Or any hints in general on getting a better stripe?
  2. BerksLawn

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    Try double blades,and a striping roller on the deck or put chains between the wheels. Or maybe even a mudd flap in between the wheels. But the best thing to do would be get a better mower heard alot of trouble with scags on here.

  3. mklawnman

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    Hey eggy
    I have a 52inch Turf Tiger, last year was the first year i had the machine and made my own striping kit. Bought a rubber bedliner and rapped it over the bar between the wheels and had it hang down to the ground, right now it doesnt work the greatest cause i need to either make it longer or need to make the rubber thicker at the bottom to stripe better. I didnt bolt the rubber to the bar under the machine, i just rapped part of it around it, then put three bolts through the rubber under the bar, kinda pintched it around the bar, hasnt fallen off. you could also try putting using chains and hang them from the bar?? Just my thought, ive heard of using a mud flap too, but it has to be like 1inch thick to really notice the difference.
    You dont need to get rid of your scag, I love my Turf Tiger, yes their are some bad ones out there, But in my area where i live most of the LCO's use Scag mowers and love'em. ITs either you love'em or hate'em.
  4. I'm in the procsess of designing and fabricating striping kits for most models of mowers.
  5. vipermanz

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    Lgf, Are you using rollers or chains in your design?
  6. Even better, but I will be keeping under raps till I debut it.
  7. vipermanz

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    Ah;) ;) i can understand that!
  8. Craig Turf Management

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    I was thinking of making a striping kit out of 4" firehose. The firehose would act as a squeegee to lay the grass down. Do you guys think that it might work? Should it mount behind the deck, or behind the rear wheels?
    Bill Craig!
  9. cormierlawn

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  10. Martino

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    .....the cutter or the customer? I can flat out tell you that I think most residential folks around here care about even cut, finely edged, weed free lawns than having stripes or checkerboard patterns in their lawn. I truly believe that this striping fad is the LCO version of "mine is bigger than yours." I happen to think that heavily striped lawns look very institutional and detract from the overall landscape picture. I realize that deck design and grass type may put some striping into the cut, but to go to the extreme of double blades, chains, roller kits.....give me a break! I want my lawn to look like a lawn, not like centerfield.

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