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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Victor

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    Has anyone on here looked at a Northern Turf Products, SS 220? It looks similar to a Permagreen, but is made by Northern Turf Products. Although it looks almost idetical to a PG, it uses a different hopper, has a toggle switch-controlled spreader gate and a lot of other interesting features, that make it different than a PG. A lot of it's features, like the ability to spray left, center, or right really seem like great features. You can even get an aerator attachment for it, among other attachments.

    From what I understand, Northern Turf Products will be at the GIE here in Columbus next week. If they are and have an SS 220 there I can demo, I'll give you guys some feedback on my findings. Like I said before, it really has me really interested. A lot of the things I see PG users complain about, are addressed in this unit. When I read the info form on that unit, I see a lot of things I like. I read on another forum where someone got a chance to look at one of these units in person and they said it had a heavier-duty construction than a PG. Like I said though, I'll come back on here and let all of you know what I find out in person.


    SS 220 Spreader Sprayer.jpg

    SS 220 info.jpg
  2. Grandview

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    I noticed the frame is not stainless steel. That is a big drawback.
  3. Runner

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    Which REALLY makes me wonder about the "LIMITED lifetime frame warranty". As far as being built better than the PG? Sure, that's their claim...But I don't see it happening.
  4. Victor

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    I'm obviously no expert on PG's or SS 220's, but was hoping to get some feedback from people like you, who are familiar with the PG's.

    I never read where they claimed their machine was better than a PG, but was just posing the question. While I haven't seen an SS 220 in person yet. I did notice that it has features, I've seen people state they wished PG's had on them. I know it seems to have features I wished PG's had. For example, the SS gives you the ability to select from 3 different spray patterns (left, center, or right). I would think this feature would give you the ability to effectively treat lawns right up to the curb. I've seen a lot of people complain about PG's not doing well up against curbs, because of the way the narrow pattern operates on them.

    I do see features on it, that make me think I'd like the SS 220 more than a PG, but until I have a chance to demo an SS, I really won't know. When I demoed a PG Magnum, one of the things I didn't like about it, was the design and feel of the right-hand throttle. I wasn't fond of the spreader gate control on the PG either. I could be wrong, but it would also appear that you don't have to hold a trigger to spray herbicides with the SS, the way you do with the PG. I haven't tried the throttle on the SS yet, but I think I'll like it's twist throttle more (I won't know for sure untill I try it). If I find that I'd be able to actuate the fert pattern deflector, without stopping, I'd also consider that to be a big plus. I don't like having to foot shift the PG. I do like the hand shift set up of the SS more. The spec sheet also lists a slope kit, that will enable the SS to handle steeper hills comfortably (how well this kit really works is yet to be seen). Better Hill-holding capabilty is something I've seen brought up frequently about the PG. All of these things I've read about the SS 220, don't mean much, if I demo one at the GIE and don't like it. I might demo one and hate it. From what I've read about it though, I do think there's some real potential for it. I also see where there are optional accessories that you can buy to use with it, such as an aerator (who knows how effective it is) and other attachments.

    I'm with you on the painted frame guys. I don't know why they didn't go stainless. It seems (and "seems" is the key word here) to me like they've got almost everything else worked out on it, but my opinion could very easily change when I see and demo one in person at the GIE. That's alright though. Time will tell.

    I think a lot of members on here will be reluctant to give the SS a try, since it seems to be an unknown machine here on Lawnsite. However, if over time, this machine proves to be worthy of interest, it will obviously be yet another great option for any applicator, who's looking to make doing applications easier and more pleasant.

    Like I said earlier though. I'll be sure to come back on here and post my opinions of it after the GIE.

  5. Grandview

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    I gave up on any spreader not stainless. Long before they break they have operating issues. The cost to go stainless might double your material cost but cheap in the long run.
  6. James Cormier

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    Vic, any info on this gie show next week?
  7. Pilgrims' Pride

    Pilgrims' Pride LawnSite Senior Member
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    It may cost a bit more but you will NEVER regret it.
  8. Puttinggreens

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    I'm with the Pilgrim.

    Stop guessing and go with the Z-spray!

    You will not be disappointed.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    z sprays dont fit in a van so permagreen all the way baby
    get us some pics of the machine vic it would be greatly appreciated
  10. Victor

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    Go to and they have all the details. You can register there too. It's gonna be held this week in Columbus.

    Z-sprays are really nice machines, but I'd have to pull a trailer to take it with me (strike 1). Since I target small lawns, my truck barely fits between some of the driveway aprons in a lot of the neighborhoods I service. If I had a trailer behind me, I'd have a really hard time with parking. Since I specialize in treating small lawns, that would rule out a Z-spray anyway (even the JR that's out right now won't fit through a 36" gate). I know a guy locally, who owns a Z-Spray JR and he told me he uses a push spreader on his small lawns instead of his Z-JR, because he said the JR doesn't work well on small lawns (strike 2). The price of the Z-Sprays is out of my price range (this is my first year full-time). I could save a lot of money on a PG, an SS 220, or maybe even an HPS over the Z (strike 3). I know the Z-Spray is one heck of a good machine. It's just that it doesn't fit what I'm trying to do.


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