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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kakuenzli, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. kakuenzli

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    I have been amazed by the vast knowledge the users on this forum have about lawn equipment and lawn care, so I hope you all can help me. I just built a house recently and the builders graded the yard with some slopes/hills. Unfortunately, my Scott's self-propelling push mower is having a hard time going up the hills. As a result, I was looking into buying a riding mower and really looked at a JD LT160 Freedom, but in the meantime my father-in-law loaned me his JD R-72 rear engine riding mower. The first time I used it, I felt like I did not have much control and it struggled going up the hills some. Are riding mowers within the $2700 price range this bad? Now I am thinking about getting a walk-behind, but my wife does not see any point in doing that because she views a walk-behind and a push mower as being equal. Can you help me? Thanks.
  2. Lawn-Scapes

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    How big is the property? Can you walk on the hills/slopes without difficulty?
  3. kakuenzli

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    The property is a little less than half an acre. I can walk up and down the hills without any problem in the back but the side property in the front is steeper.
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    lawn tractors and walkbehinds are NOT equal. you will have more problems with scalping with a lawn tractor that you will not have with a walkbehind.
    there is more danger of tipping over on hills with a lawn tractor because the center of gavity is higher.

    take a look the quick 36 by better outdoor products its $2000. here's the link.
  5. Lawn-Scapes

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    If you don't mind a little exercise I would recommend a 48" walk behind. You would have better control and maneuverabilty over a garden tractor.

    If you don't need the exercise and think you may need other implements such as a pull behind cart or maybe a little plow... then a rider may be for you.

    When mowing steep hills.. try to mow side to side instead of up and down.
  6. fga

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    you're just using this for your own houuse right? if i were you i'd look into getting a used walk behind. you can get an excellent machine well below your price range. you also have the option of putting a sulky on it so you don't have to "walk". just my opinion though.
  7. Tharrell

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    All of those riders are "throw away" machines. Get a walkbehind in the color you like because it'll last you a long time. Get the dealer to throw in some Jungle Wheels too.

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