Beware giving online business your estimates

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 32vld, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Over a year ago there was a business that was discussed on lawnsite that would help set you up to manage your landscape accounts using their services on line.

    That had forms set up where you would log on to their site where you plugged in your customers info and your prices. Was to make your accounting and record keeping easy. I don't remember the name of that business.

    A year or too later that business was gone but many LCO's that used that service found they were being under bid on many of their clients. The owners off that internet record keeping co for LCO's also owned a LCO. They used that info to target people that were known users of LCOs and what to charge to come in at lower prices.

    There is a new business posting on the Starting a Business section that wants you to use their services for you to provide your estimates to potential new customers on line through their web site.

    I am not saying this company is doing anything illegal. Though what prices I give to potential new customers I don't want any third party's to know my business.

    Information that can be used against you should never be given to a third party.

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