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    Equipment buyers/owner operators beware! Scag's Turf Runner, (now cleverly marketed as Cougar) is an absolute lemon. These products DO NOT deserve any recognition or respect as a reliable, tough commercial machine, and MetalCraft of Mayville, Scag's parent company know that as well, and so do the distributors and perhaps some dealers. From design to pratical application this machine is fatally flawed. Take it from someone who has been there, and dozens of other owners I have spoken with regarding the SAME EXACT PROBLEMS. I paid 8,000 for mine, and put 4,000 in repairs, down time,headaches,lost profit.etc. I feel almost lucky to have gotten nearly 300 hours out of this machine, and these were careful hours. I am now putting in my fourth gear box ,which incidentally has been re-engineered three times by SCAG. And don't ever believe that slick ad campaign about customer service being of paramount importance to this company. That is just not true. They KNOW they have a bad product in this one, yet they continue to perpetuate this fraud and make believe it will go away if they keep changing the name
    or play up some minor design changes, and not respond to customer complaints. Save yourself some headaches, stay away.
  2. cos

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    Wow, what a way to start your first post. :D

    I have a 61" inch Scag hydro. I bought it new, and had no problems with it. It is 6 years old and still cuts like a champ. But then again, when you get a lick of something distasteful, you never go back.
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    I demoed a 2001 Cougar in the Fall of 2000 at a demo days my dealer had. It seemed OK. I wasn't overly impressed with the cut or the speed. Also, with me being used to a ZTR, I was unhappy with the rear end swinging around and possibly hitting things. It was a 25hp Kohler with a 48" cut. It had plenty of power (obviously) but speed wise, I wasn't impressed. It seemed a little larger than a Walker. They say they have made many improvements, but if I needed a DEDICATED bagging ZTR I would probably go with a Walker.

  4. Eric ELM

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    I feel sorry for you buddy. Nothing worse than getting a lemon. I've heard good and bad about the Scags, it seems the W/B are good. I hope you have better luck this summer. :)
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    Ohhhh.... I could tell you a story about a Scag walkbehind :) But I've told that one before :)

    Dude, ditch the machine, it's gonna keep costing ya. Cut your losses on the POS. when Scag has a problem, it seems it is never fixed. For example, they are still trying to figure out how to cut bahia grass.
  6. Eric ELM

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    I guess I was wrong on the W/B. I would also get rid of it and start over. Hope your next choice is better. ;)
  7. David Gretzmier

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    sorry about your problems...but I've heard this too. The turf runner/couger aint the beast the turf tiger is. It reminds me of the first Grasshopper I bought. A used unit, 5800 bucks, it had 50 hours on it, kubota diesel 21 hors, 61"cut. It ran like a charm...for 10 hours. I put 7 grand in it over the next 800 hours. The thing fell apart around the engine. No problems w/ the engine. I think that kubota is still running somewhere, maybe running a pump or a generator for a small city. dave g
  8. Keith

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    Interesting. I have put a lot of money into a Grasshopper as well, but none in the Kubota :)
  9. Sorry to hear this. We pay too much $$$$ for this kind of treatment. Scag recently hit Hawaii for the first time. Thanks for the heads up.

    I just thought of something. I've never heard even a hint of criticism like this one towards say a Chopper or a Lazer and I've been reading this site regularly well over a year now. You just hear some like Choppers,some like Lazers. Even though one has a preferance, they will at least compliment the opposing brand as being a good machine.

    Right now I don't have the acerage (as well as 95% of the LCOs here) to justify a ZTR. But I read on with much interest/appreciation and have learned so much.

    So, one thing I've learned in 16 years in the industry, find the right equipment and stick with that brand. You will do well.

    Welcome aboard,

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    What an evaluation.Still if you invested in their product an this is the result.sock it toim.Thanks for the report.

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