Beware Scag Cheetah 31HP Kawasaki, 2nd time in shop.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, Jan 24, 2013.

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    The trouble is we have very few options when it comes to engines on mowers. If I could of bought a briggs with the SZ, I would of. But no choice, had to get Kawi. I certainly wouldnt want another 31. Mine started leaking oil from the governor area and would/could of cost me a packet to repair it.
    The 37 I have now doesnt use any oil (or very little) but its still young at 250hrs.

    I used to use semi synthetic oil but now Im going to stick with dino and see if that helps keep the leaks to a minimum.
  2. weeze

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    my 26hp kawi used oil a lil bit for the first 100hrs. after that it pretty much stopped for the most part. i fill it up and after 100hrs when i do the next change it's still 3/4 up on the stick in the safe range. it does use a lil bit but not that much. i think it's best to just pour a dab of oil in there after 50hrs to keep it at the full level and then change it at 100hrs with new oil and filter.
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    If you are interested I know where you can find 32 hp vanguard engine that only has around 20 hrs. on it. Good price too.
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    WOW, that's impressive ... I hope my Kohler's will run for 4,900 hours !! From your signature it looks like your still running that machine, a TT ... did you re-build the Kohler, or, buy a new engine ??
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    Yeah, its normal for air cooled big blocks to go through some oil, i have some that dont, but i would say 60/40. Hard explaining that to a customer with a $10000 mower, but it happens. People dont realize the extreme operation these motors take when used. Run a ford at full throttle for an hour and see what happens, mower motors are miracles daily
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  6. Greyst1

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    Is that just Kohlers or all BB's? My 30 Vanguard BB doesn't burn oil. Its only got 100 hours so do i have something to look forward too?
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    I bought the exact same engine to replace it. I have replaced just about everything on the mower. New hydros, new wheel motors, new spindles, a lot of belts, and tires LOL. But, heck I had a brand new mower by the time I replaced all of that so I still use it. It is more of a backup now. I put the mulch kit on it in the fall. This last year it probably only got 300-400 hours of use. But that is after being the primary mower for many years. I was very surprised it lasted that long. I ran the living crap out of that mower for many years.

    I still have the original motor on the shelf. It was burning so much oil that in a typical 5-6 hour usage day I was dumping a whole quart of oil in it. It finally blew up.

    The mower looks like it is only 2 years old. You would never guess it has over 6000 hours on it. I see a lot of people with a 2 year old mower with 900 hours and it looks like total crap. I can't believe how some people treat their equipment.
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    I've sold many big block Kawasaki and Big Block Vangaurds and the reliability on the Kawasaki's are not up to par just yet. They are working on it hard tho. The 37hp DFI Kawasaki is actually dependable now. When they came out they were horrible. But I have yet to do a warranty claim on a vanguard Big Block in 4 years!!! They are super reliable and when I sale a new Ferris/ Snapper Pro mowers I always push them because they are the best on the market for now
  9. Ijustwantausername

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    What was your 31 on? Did you replace it or just get a mew mower altogether?
  10. Ijustwantausername

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    Thanks, PM sent.

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