Beware Scag Cheetah 31HP Kawasaki, 2nd time in shop.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ijustwantausername, Jan 24, 2013.

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    I'm not Mickhippy, but I know he had that 31 (FX850) on his old SZ. he bought a new SZ with the 37 (now rated 35) HP Kawi.
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    Like i said its not on all, but very normal on some oil consumption. This is my sixth year being a mower dealer will have sold 1000 ztr mowers here pretty quick i have seen it all. I did several tear downs on motors that burned ounce per hour with nothing found wrong with motor, i have learned to deal with it now instead of costing the cash of the tear down (most of the time customer refuses to pay for tear down when nothing found to warranty). If it doesnt to start with chances are you are good for a while until after midlife.. usually its the other way around i see it burn until after 100 hours or so then smooth out to nearly nothing. Big thing to remember is to absolutely never overfill oil reservoir, i have seen quite a few motor failures now due to over filling. Something i was never told and just recently figured out.
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    It may be normal for a mower to burn oil, but as a consumer that paid over $10K for a brand new mower, that's unacceptable. Especially when other 31 Kawasakis arent doing it, and especially if the company's slogan is "Simply the best." Now I will have to be paranoid about keeping up with my hours, checking the oil more often and spending an additional $7-8 per week on K-Tech that I hadn't originally planned to do. Plus spending hours, time and $ taking it to and from a dealer.

    All I want is for the problem to go away. I am having to do something that the manual hadn't originally said I'd have to do, that is, add oil to an engine that's used it since I bought it brand new. My buddy isn't doing this to his commercial Toro, I didn't have to do it to my Commercial John Deere until 1300 hours, many of you who have posted aren't having to do it to your mower(s), so why should it be okay that it's happening to a brand new mower?

    What's the point of a THREE year warranty if you aren't going to fix a problem?

    I appreciate everyones input, this just frustrates me to no end, so I thought I'd use lawnsite as a vehicle to vent.
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    Air cooled engines use oil, period. Depending on the temp they run etc they could use more or less.

    You mentioned manuals. I have never read a engine manual that didn't say check the oil everyday or 8 hrs of use.

    Have you thought your engine could still be breaking in?

    Have you thought of trying a different brand of oil?

    How do the plugs look? Do they have oil deposits on them like a engine that burns oil or are they clean?

    The engine is a kawi if it was put on a different brand mower do you think the results would be the same? If so why bitxh about scag?

    If the dealer is doing its job have they told or found out what amount of oil usage is cause for warranty? (Back in the 90's it took a qt every 700 miles for dodge to do anything for warranty).

    I guess what I'm saying is quit venting and start thinking on the issue.

    I had the same motor on the super z few years back and it used some oil but about 150hrs it used a lot less. Vride uses a little oil but not much. 35bb on a tt uses alittle oil its whole life. Its part of life, get over it.
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    Just curious, you had two Cheetahs that you blew engines on and then sold.In I havent heard of any others blowing up engines, let alone two. How were you using the Cheetahs?
  6. Ijustwantausername

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    That must be someone else? I've only owned this cheetah and it hasn't blown up.
  7. ztman

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    My apologies, it was another member that just blew up two and sold them on the forum
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    Scag has nothing to do with the engine. I have the same engine in my deere z950 and it did the same thing until it reached 150 or so hours. Now it used really nothing between changes. If your not happy with your cheetah I'll trade you my deere that uses no oil and has no problems.
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