Bi monthly or Every Two weeks? Customer Issues

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Michael Ray, Apr 15, 2018.

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    It's called willful ignorance. I hate to sound like a Pricx but some of you guys have got stop being so naïve. Start acting like business men. There are a lot of people that would like to take advantage of you. The sooner you realize this fact the better off you'll be!
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  2. dkflipse

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    I offer EOW service and I bill end of month. I avoid these issues by putting the service dates in the invoice.

    For example
    "Lawn service April 4/1, 4/15, 4/29"

    Can't get much clearer than that....
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  3. sjessen

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    The best time to handle situations such as this is during the initial interview/signup process before they become an issue. Informing the potential new client that you will be there every 14 days meaning you will likely be there 3 times one month during the season and for them to prepare for this eventuality. You could also tell them which month. When they balk also tell them that in the event of a significant drought it may well be 3 weeks or even longer possibly so in the long run things will work out cost wise.

    I have only one customer who is 2x per month but they live one block away as the crow flies so it is no skin off my nose to accommodate them.

    If you are trying to build a full and tight schedule there will be less and less room for backtracking. And, keep in mind it costs upwards of $1.50 per mile to drive your rig not counting the lost billable time. After doing the math between lost billable hours and the cost of driving a $30 could actually cost money to service.
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  4. Todd73

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    Same here, sort of. Mid March-ish through Mid November-ish is weekly. The other 4 months of the year is EOW. Bill monthly. Same price every month regardless if they hit the mowing lottery and get five cuts or only two in the dead of winter.
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  5. sjessen

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    My guess is you are smart enough that there are few winners of the "mowing lottery" jackpot.
  6. Steve

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    Last year I had a lady hand me a check for 2 cut's for the month. I told her she was short 1 and she said it supposed to be twice a month. I corrected her and said "it was supposed to be every 2 weeks and this month there was 3 cuts even though I was doing EOW, I've never agreed with anyone for 2x a month." A week later she told me she didn't need service anymore.
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  7. Todd73

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    Nah. I’m not trying to get over on anyone. If they’re supposed to get weekly, they get weekly. Looking ahead to May, my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday people will all get five cuts that month. It is what it is. I’m not going to conveniently get a flat tire and not be able to get there that week.
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    i just did a commercial bid and won it a few weeks ago. they wanted weekly service but they wanted to pay the same amount every month. why i dunno? i just charged as though i was mowing 5 weeks every month to cover myself. they get a discount for being weekly anyways so it evens out. some months i'll be mowing it 4 times and others 5 times. don't ever put yourself on the short end of the stick. customers will always want that. they want any and every discount they can get. make sure they are the ones getting screwed over if anyone is gonna get screwed over otherwise it's not worth fooling with. i mean i try to price everyone fair but i'm not giving anyone 5 cuts for the price of 4 cuts. it's not gonna happen.

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