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say you had a bi weekly account that was in the $100 range, but you wanted to stop mowing every two weeks, and mow every week.

But then the customer drops you because of the price increase.

Whould you go back to bi weekly?

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Hard to say. I never had that happen. I charge so much for bi-weekly that they usually just cut it weekly.

weekly cut - 30.00 120.00 per month 4 cuts
bi-weekly 45.00 90.00 per month 2 cuts


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A2, Michigan
I hate them as well. But, the question to ask is is that customer a valuable account? Can it really be mowed EOW? I have found very few lawns really only need it eow, but I have a couple customers that I used to mow eow that really only needed it that often. I got rid of them this year, because I want more profitable accounts. If the account is a valuable one for you and you want to keep it, then maybe it's worth it. If it's a pita and not worth the time, let it go.
So when do you get to the point you can actually choose....... I realize I'm new, but right now I would feel lucky to get bi-weekly yards....


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IMO bimonthly (evey 2 weeks) mows help.....Buy that I mean if you fill your schedule with biweekly mows you are not likely to have a lot of cancellations or skip my mowing type customers even in July and August because most anything will grow in 2 weeks.....I have 70% of my customers at 2 week mowing intervals (I did charge more initially for the added length tho but once April and May are done with the lawn growth really slows down then I can really make the $$ for the next 6 months since they were chrges higher initiallly...Anyways just my 2 cents worth.....Also if you do have nothing but 1 week yards and alot of customers drop bck to a 2 week schedule when the growth slows down you can (as we do) advertise alot of driveway sealcoating and or powerwashing....



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I have 3 that are every other week mows, and it works out ok for me the yards are unfertilized and the people are on fixed incomes. To answer your question if it is a good account and its not putting alot of strain on your equipment why not mow every other week if it works? Just my 2 cents worth


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yeah, what the heck is the difference if you have 4 EOW cuts or 2 weekly cuts? Assuming they only need EOW who cares? Its all scheduling..

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