Bi weeklys and their worth.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Awww the shame of it all my thread has been corrupted by people who not only eat fast food but openly brag about it. When working if and when we stop its always a deli and if I choose to eat out its Ruth's Chris steak house or Pepe's Pizza or at the very least Outback. In a free country where you have a choice on where you eat I don't know how you ever pick the fast food. :rolleyes:

    Back to the bi weekly's mine tend to be sickly lawns and very fast cuts. 10 mins per on more then half of them. The advantage of a bi weekly is in drought times you seldom skip them where the weekly's can blow a hole in your schedule.

    So while my numbers aren't close to yours Darryl at first glance I am on them for a very short time. 30 works out to about 20 on my partners list and 10 on mine so he has typically 10 to do in 3 days so it adds only 3 per day to his list each week (he does 30-35 per day) and that's less than and hour per day for him. Me its even less than that about 5 on each week so less than 2 per day. Our numbers are lower because we do not have the clean ups to bump up those numbers. And the point I was making was we were finding that's a good thing. We wouldn't have the time to get to them all anyways. So this gives us extra cuts with out the problems all those extra accounts would cause trying to get to their clean ups. Much like some of my new developments are they have thick lush grass and are often beautiful lawns but the developers tend to remove all the trees so all thats there are little ones that got planted at the time of construction 5-10 years back. And whats sweet about them is they often do not require nor want fall clean ups and thats a good thing it allows you to pack more cuts in your year with out the clean up hits.

    Some of you out there actually advertize for fall clean ups we haven't done that since our first season in 2003. We work for our contracted clients and we still seldom finish each fall there is no room to take more work in fall and hasn't been in 9 years. So I was looking at the 16.4k the bi weekly's made us as good money with no strings attached. And that makes me wonder why some here constantly put down lawn cuts and talk up all the other stuff. I am quite happy with the 5500-6000 we bring in a week mowing lawns Wednesday thru Friday. Id like to see that number grow to 10000 its the extra work that holds us back and I was thinking perhaps the bi weekly's aren't so bad it if allows for a fuller schedule when it matters.
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    I get it now. They're extra income without a lot of extra commitment on your part...sounds like they fall into the gravy department for you while they're part of main course for me (sticking with the food theme, lol).
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    EOW accounts can be beneficial, I guess it is just like the weekly accounts you have to weed out the bad from the good. I also skip on fast food, We have our local spots for every service area.
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    I have a few EOW customers. All but one makes me more then some weekly accounts. I have one EOW account that I charge $60 to service. I can trim, cut and blow it off in less then 30min. I've gotten a bunch of other work from her as well. Good example, she has a pile of decorative rocks and she moved into a new place that I'll be doing work at now. It took me 2-1/2hrs to load them by hand, haul them to the new place and unload. When she asked what she owed, I told her whatever she thought was fair. She handed me a check for a $150. She's been a great customer from the start.
  5. I know the topic of EOW has been brought up here on LS many a time. I don't doubt that those accounts can work well up north, but here in Florida, forget it. We work year round on fixedobthly payments. So someone who is EOW in the summer, is either non-existent in the winter or you cut maybe 3-4 times. I just don't have time for that not need it. Plus, no extra work. Extras might be a deterrent to some of you, but it's the best money here in Florida. As I always say though, Florida is its own thing...
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    Just charge accordingly for the projected extra time, fuel, and drive-time involved. They can be more profitable than really nice lawns if the lawns are actually good prospects for biweekly mowing. Just don't try to mow luxurious thick lawns like that.

    But for a lawn that gets no fertilizer, irrigation, etc, it's worked well for me. I'm averaging about $75 to $80/man hour on-site vs about $60-$65 for the nicer weekly places. Since I do the work I'm more interested in revenue per unit of exertion than total dollars, period, as my limiting factor is fatigue, not time.
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    i guess that's a big part of it on bi weeklys down here. noone uses fertilizer nor do they have irrigation systems. only the top end neighborhoods have that and they want weekly cuts anyways so no problem there.
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    EOW accounts have their place that's for sure.
    It's the 10 day accounts that throw a wrench into my schedule.
    They're commercial and may go to a property management company next year. Good riddance. They just want to save money and avoid ordinance fines.
    A friend moved up here from south Florida and is sold on EOW, says it works great down there.
    He needs to weigh in because here, we have different grass and I'd like to hear the difference in EOW in this zone.
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    Every spring I seem to always be on the fence about our EOW accounts.

    It's hard to turn down customers that I have been mowing for many years. And most of them just don't have the income for weekly mowing.

    The ones that bother me - the ones that have $ - and are too cheap to pay for weekly service!
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    My first EOW was an old lady that claimed her lawn never grows.

    I agreed to do her EOW with the warning that it looked as her lawn would have to much growth to stay that way and we would have to go weekly.
    Well her lawn needed to be mow weekly and she would not switch over. So we parted ways.

    Next year a I picked up a weekly lawn that wanted me to do her FIL's law EOW. I told her about my first EOW and that if this lawn grows too much it WILL be switched over to weekly. This lawn had a ton of shade. Hardly grew. Got my normal price.

    When you get your normal price and have another EOW so you alternate the weeks you mow there is no reason to not take them. EOW can be cheap and not want fert, or any up sells. There are weekly's that don't want fert or any up sells either.

    Better to have a schedule full of 40 hr work a week with any type of customer at your price then to then to sit around waiting to fill up ones schedule with "only the good customers". Then to only bill out 10, 20, 30 hours at your normal rate.


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