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    i have a chance to bid on curb side pickup for a small town around here they need a set price. It will be 2 rounds a couple of weeks apart. there are 580 houses and they have a place for me to dump. specs are they must have leaves within 10' of the curb and not blocked i was thinking $7.00 per house since there is no driving around just up and down the street probably will take 2 or 3 days. any input?
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    New to site. I'm in the trumbull county area. I've never done a large scale bid like that. I can only offer what I would ask myself. Will you have employees? Take a tour of the property's and see what you would normally charge. A pile of leaves that has been sitting for a couple of weeks will take a long time to pick up for only $7/house. Do you have enough equipment to get them up in a timely manner. 2 or 3 days for 580 houses??? 193 houses/day??? Seems like a high expectation??? Unless, you have the resources. How long to fill up your equipment, drive time, dump time, etc.

    When in doubt partner with someone that has experience in this or has the equipment. Email me if you would need someone with equipment. We have 3 dump trucks. 2-16hp loaders and a 11hp-loader.

    Just some thoughts that came to mind.

    Good luck and may you make a profit! :cool2:
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    Now I don't even bid leaves until after they're on the ground, even then I would highly prefer to leave the estimate blind (or open), meaning I decide what it should cost after I am done... This tactic might be worth a shot if you're established, otherwise it likely won't fly.

    The thing is there are so many factors involved, each one can and will affect your cost (increase, that is).
    Some factors we can estimate before they fall:
    - How many trees, what kind of leaves, how far from pickup site to dump site...
    Some we can not determine until after they've fallen:
    - How many leaves (how BIG each pile), how many houses MIGHT fit per load.
    Still other factors we can not control until we're knee deep in it:
    - The weather between now and then (rain and freezing temps add to the joy, snow works wonders also).
    - The actual forecast for the BIG day (well if they're calling for 20+ mph winds, forget it, postponed).
    - How long it really takes to load AND dump.
    And I'm sure there's more, but it's been almost a year LOL...

    Dunno man, but $7 sounds a bit low to me, also.
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    $4,060.00 total. I live in the same size town. what do you have for equipment? what about dump time? what about workers? can you clear a pile in 7 mins. per home? a $1.25-$1.5 per min with a dump fee. thats without workers
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    One other thing to consider
    What about I forgot he was coming today Fred
    How many times after the first pass thru a neighborhod are you going to have to go thru and get forgetful Freds leaves?

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    i talked to a friend who works for a local street dept. that does curb side i have the next size down vac from what they have mounted on a F350 dump he said they do 150-200 a day in 8 hours. dump is at a farm that is just outside of town 10 minute drive if im at the far end. i will have 2 guys working with me i will drive they will load wind wont rally matter because all im doing is sucking up piles. any one that forgets on the first round has to wait till the next round if they forget that time they are SOL. already talked to the admistrator about that.
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    The worst problem that I have incountered over the years with picking up leaf piles from Mr Home owner is they put all thier "junk" in the piles, sticks, cans, bottles, etc...Even at $ 50.00 per house, your going to have several "bad" days ahead of you, unless they are all small house lots.

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