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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jul 11, 2000.

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    I'm bidding on the maintenance contract at a local church. I have it figured to be 174,240sf mowing area. The contract calls for mowing 38 times, fertilizing, weed control, crabgrass pre-emergent, fall aeration and seeding, about 10 flats of flowers, and deep-root fertilizing 123 trees, along with weekly trash pick-up. It allows mowing to be skipped a week during hot/dry times like now. It also has an arboretum area that host weddings and is a &quot;special place&quot;. Not much mowing, some trimming, and flowers. but must be kept immaculate!<p>My bid that I have come-up with is $1525.00 per month. I will be mowing with a 52&quot; and a 48&quot; mower. I may consider a 61&quot; later, not for sure. I do have 3 home lawns I mow now that are 2 acres so I have been thinking about the 61&quot;.<p>So, those of you who have the formula, does this sound right? Your advise is appreciated as usual.<p>Ray<p><font size="1">Edited by: KirbysLawn
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    Sounds a little low. How much have you figured per cut, per aeration, per tree for fert, per visit during dormant season for trash removal? You are in the ball park of what I figure...around $20K
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    The tree fertilizing alone could be alot of money by itself depending on what size they are. If you are liquid injecting into the soil it's pretty easy, but using an auger around that many trees will take some serious time and fertilizer! Do they even need fert? They shouldn't need it more than every 2-3 years anyhow if that.
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    Ray, Your bid does sound a little on the low side. I have a large property I cut. Its 152,000 sft. I charge $455 per cut (takes 2 men 4 - 4.5 hours). Its cut 3 times a month. Thats just for the lawn, that doesn't include mulching, trimming, fert.,aeration, edging, etc.... Think about increasing your monthly charge before you submit it. Bob
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    Todd, I will be deep-root injecting the trees with fert once a year. Here in NC from about mid-Novemeber thru March the grass needs very little mowing if any at all. Mowing is about 8 months total or 38 per the contract. <p>There is very little edging due to the paved areas being black top, there are a few sidewalks. <p>I had it figured at $50.00 per acre for mowing $7600.00 per year, $4181.76 for aeration and overseeding, $2300.00 for ferts and herbicides, and the rest for the other misc. items.<p>I will go over the numbers again, I would like to get it if possible, if I don't so be it. Just don't want to screw myself too bad. :) <p>Ray
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    Bob, that's $133.00 an acre! You are the man! I don't think that price would fly around here.<p>Oh, by the way I won the bid at $1590.00 a month, and I start on 8/1/00. Thanks to all for the advice!<p>Ray
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    Ray,<p>Good luck with your new job! Remember if you find you are not making the money you thought you were going to make on this can ask them for a letter to present to the I.R.S. showing you made a deductable donation and write it of of your taxes. Jobs like this are always a win, win situation.
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    Congrats, Ray!<p>-TGC

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