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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by KINGjosh, Dec 6, 2004.

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    I was recently asked by a customer to install, 120 ficus hedges in 3 gal pots, this is in a development that was once part of the everglades, so you are basically digging in cap rock, I quoted him $500 to install and he said no thanks the nursery would do it for $2 a plant! How can you do it for that much and make a profit? Note: they are the ones who sold them to him for $4 a piece!
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    I installed 120 3 gal cheff arboracolas in weston . It took 3 men a full day to complete the job ,start to finish. [ johnson bar picks & shovels]. we all had blisters
    cost of plants $4.00 x 120 =$480
    total bid $1050
    gross profit $570

    It was a profitable day, but, we earned it.
    Stick by your guns,and dont believe everything people say.
    That goes for your proposed customer as well
    I get ficus in 3 gallon 20-30'' @ $2.85 ea.
    The nursery may have enough profit in the plants to do the install at $2.00
    ea,Or somebody lied.
    P S weston was the everglades. Good luck
  3. work_it

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    The way I see it is that it's better to let some other guy/company to loose money on a job than me.
  4. Ecobjs

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    Work it said it!. If you can't make money on it don't do it. I also agree that $2 a plant seems real low, but they will do it a few times, if at all, at that price and then never do it again, just wait it out.

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