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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pepper, Sep 20, 2001.

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    Hey guys,

    I haven't had time to get on the computer much lately. I am trying to find a samlpe bid that I can use as a guide to create a format that I can use all the time. This is a bid for a commercial property. It's about 150 residences for a homeowners association. I know how I'm going to bid I just have no clue how to write up a bid for commercial property. It's got to be different than a simple estimate. I appreciate any response.
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    Welcome to Lawnsite, There is a wealth of knowledge here for you to ad or absorb. Feel free to use the search button. A lot of guys on here probably won't be too anxious to send you a copy of their contract format, because they have spent much time on working out the bugs. Also, unless you are talking about planting, or landscape construction, you are in the wrong forum. This I am assuming should be going in the commercial lawn care forum if you want to know about cutting grass.

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