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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by melanieb3, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. melanieb3

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    Ok, this is our first big commercial bid and I need some help with the pricing. PLEASE, serious help! It took me an hour and a half just to measure everything! Of course, I am new at this and I probably went slower than most people would...

    92,663 Sq. ft of mowing (with only about 12,000 sq. ft being in an open space. The rest goes around the parking lot which would most of have to be used by a push mower or using a weedeater)

    4,936 ft of edging

    152 small trees

    159 bushes

    It says we should fertilize and then asks how many times a year we plan to..any suggestions? I was thinking 2 times.

    and weed control

    and blowing the curbs which is 4,936 ft

    The Specs: Mow, edge and trim lawns. curb runs edged and weeded. Trees, shrubs, groundover, flower beds and ornaments grasses properly mainted and groomed free from disease and large concentrations of pests. Debris moved from sidewalks, gutters and all planted areas. Fertilize all grass areas ___ times per year.
  2. Toy2

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    How many times are you mowing???? Twice a month, once a month.......
  3. melanieb3

    melanieb3 LawnSite Member
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    oh sorry. He said 33 cuts... So I'm guessing weekly during the growing season
  4. ElliottsLawn&LandscapeInc

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    I would do it for $300 per cut or like $825 a month
  5. BLS 2002

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    It says we should fertilize and then asks how many times a year we plan to..any suggestions? I was thinking 2 times.

    Just wondering... do you have an applicators license? Do you know how to do soil tests?
  6. melanieb3

    melanieb3 LawnSite Member
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    My husband is getting his app license this month and will know how to do spray and fertilize and all that is involved..but I have to have this bid in by tomorrow.

    $300 seems too low to me.

    33 cuts:

    92,663 sq ft to mow approx. 2.13 acres although it's not all open area: 3 hrs @ $65/hr=$195. (33 cuts=$6435)

    4,936 feet trimming/edging: 5 hrs@$45/hr=$225 (33 cuts=$$7425)

    159 trees and 152 bushes to trim: 8 hrs@$45/hr=$360. one time per year so divide this by 33 cuts=$11

    Weed control: 9 gallonsx7 applications (april-oct and Jan):63 gallons@$10/gallon=$630 divide by 33 cuts = $19

    Fertilizer: 19-510 slow release $225 materials plus 1 hr@$45/hr= $270 times 3 applications (end of April, June and Aug)=$810 divide by 33 cuts =$24.50

    total: 474.50 per cut times 33 cuts=$15,658.50 divide by 12 months= $1304.86

    Am I about where I should be? Or should it be lower?

    Listen, I am willing to take a cut in this just to get the business. Doing this all day once a week with our truck in the parking lot (rolling billboard) and doing a great job so ppl will be happy with the work we do...

    I would be willing to make less...but still profit so we can pay our bills and such...but we need to get our name out there and get more business! We need to grow!

    What do you guys think?

    and again...yes we have insurance and the husband is getting his pest. app license this month so he can spray and fertilize for next month!
  7. clallen03

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    I still think your bid is low compared to pricing in my area. You are talking about a little under 2 acres of trimming or pushing. I read everything you figured up, most of which I dont understand. One thing you are not taking into consideration is that you will be working on this property all year not just those 33 weeks that you mow. This is not residential that only want there lawn nice during the growing season. Most commericals want there property nice all year long, so you have to charge for that.
    I dont see anything about leaf removal either? What type of grass are we talking about? What about blowing the parking lot? What about the you need to install seasonal flowers are just keep them weed free?

    I cant really give you anything concrete but just from what I have we are looking at the $1800 to $2300 range. Your market may be different, but there are other things you need to consider.

    Good luck and I hope this helps. :)
  8. melanieb3

    melanieb3 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your help...

    There are actually no flowerbeds. There are islands in the parking lot that need to be weed free and have one or two trees or some shrubs that need to be trimmed. The spec sheet is one they use country wide for the same store...some may have..but this company does not.

    I don't have to blow the parking lot, just make sure I get all the debris from the curbs...there is no grass on the islands in the parking lot and they hire a sweeper for that.

    I didn't think about leaf removal...sigh...back to my research.
  9. ed2hess

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    Your bid would be way high in our area. But it depends on whether there are large lawn companies in your area. The bid price of $65/hr for stuff is way high...normally half that by big companies. We take care of several hotels that size and they run around $1000/mo. The present condition of the place dedicates whether we bid high or low relative to the $1000. Some of these go as low as $600. The money is made on the extra stuff...irrigation, flowers, tree trimming, mulch.
  10. Carolina Cuts

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    it looks like you have your husband spending 8 hours there for each weekly visit....
    3 hours to cut
    5 hours to trim
    sounds like a lot of time for 2 acres...

    you need to figure out how many hours he'll spend on site, per regular maintenance visit. Know your operational costs and price accordingly with your hourly rate.

    btw - 2 acres shouldn't take 3 hours to (just) mow.... unless maybe he's pushmowing...

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