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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by TimmayB4, Mar 14, 2009.

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    My old football coach called me the other day and asked what I would charge to cut the football, baseball, and softball fields at the school.

    I was thinking of charging 175 to 200 to do all of this. does that sound about right to yall...

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  3. TimmayB4

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    Wow thanks for the help.. Great answer real helpful.. I tell u what how bout you go.. Nevermind

    I was thinking at most 3.5 hrs I have two kubota zero turns a 60in and 48 in if me and my guy can't do it in under two hours(3.5 man hours)we are moving pretty slow huh...

    I was just trying to get some help on what others were getting for same kind of work..

    Man I get sick and tired of people like you.. NOPE what kind of answer is that.. Who do you think you are... The all knowing.. I know something keep your smarta.. Comments to yourself.. Why would you even answer with a nope.. This fourm is to help people not to try to act like you have been doing this so long you know everything.. And everyone else knows Notthing. I'm not some punk with a mower. I have over $20000 in mowers alone so don't insult me with a nope..
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    I specialize in school and public grounds maintenance, larger open properties.

    We've been doing the local school district for 10 years, the local township for 9 and have recently picked up another local city's maintenance for the year.

    I have a Kubota M6040 with a 15' pull behind tri-deck, a Kubota ZD331 / 72", a Kubota ZD331 / 60", a Kubota ZD28 / 60", and multiple other smaller mowers.

    I said nope, because no one here has any idea what your costs are.

    You said you were going to charge $175 - 200 for 3 fields. Is that per month? Is that per time? Is that just yourself? Do you have to trim them each time?

    That is why I gave you a "nope........." answer. There were not enough facts stated to let you know if your pricing is good, bad or otherwise.

    With your response (which is the same in the public maintenance section as it is in the "commercial mowing" section) you are willing to jump on people rather than say something along the lines of "well, why isn't it?".

    We mow (2) football fields and (4) total baseball / softball fields 2 times per week in the spring, from May through June 15th. Actually I mow them. I mow them for $2400 for the year, which is about $30-35 each. I can mow them myself in about 2 hours total, with my 72" ZD331, with no trimming.

    This is addition to the regular weekly mowing when we'll mow them and trim them which is in the regular contract. The extra mowing is to keep the playing surfaces even throughout the week, during baseball / softball and soccer season.

    Does that help you out with your pricing?
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    There are a lot of ways to answer this. I hesitate to open myself up to get piled on but here goes. Keep in mind my way does not need to be wrong in order for yours (anyone) to be right. All that matters in a transaction is that each side is content.

    Real generally (cause I have not seen what you have to do)...
    I'm figuring your baseball field at 2.2 acres with a big ass fence that needs trimmed around sometimes. Football at 2.3 and I am trimming around two goal posts - by hand shears. Soccer at 2.0 acres and I am spending 20 minutes of hand work in the goals each time I am there. I piddle around, don't ask. :) No other trim on soccer. If yours has more add for it.

    I am only going to cut at your school if you let me cut it as often as I think it needs it. It will be ready for every game and it will not get very long between them. Where I live, in spring in fall seasons that means I cut every third day as a rule. If that is not what you want I am not your guy.

    I want $50 for the first acre and $25 per after, for each field.
    That means:
    baseball: 50 + (1.2 x 25) = 80.00
    soccer: 50 +(1 x 25) = 75.00
    football: 50 + (1.3 x 25) = 82.50

    trim time...for me in this example it's 20 minutes on soccer, call it notign on football, and wahtever you think on baseball. Maybe baseball gets once a week or less, certainly not every three days. If the field in question is not currently in its season, I can go twice a week instead of every third day. Heat of summer maybe once.

    I get a mental subtotal for trim, add to the mowing above. Subtotal that, that's your company break-even with you earing, basically, technician wage. I try to add 20% profit & overhead to that.

    That woudl be my per mowign total if they were all on the same schedule. It would probably work out more like soccer busier spring and fall if you have girls and boys seasons, baseball busiest in spring, football slower in spring, busier in fall. All of them slowest in summer.

    It's not an answer, exactly, but that's how I would look at it.

    Good luck, man. It would be great to have three together.

    EDIT Funny: I was busy typing mine and hit submit without seeing the response above. They seem to have a similar point of view though. I cut with a 52" Z. Good post.
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    Good answers all, but it also depends on what your market would bear. Around here if there was a competetive situation, all of the above prices would be winners, which is fine if you want to leave money on the table.

    I dont cut grass but I see guys winning bids all the time in the $100 per acre range.......and no lower than $75 per acre.

    Just my .02
  7. foreplease

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    Parking is free here ! :laugh:

    You're right though.
  8. turf hokie

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    Ya know that is funny, but true.....along with everything else that friggin costs more around here.
  9. LwnmwrMan22

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    Our school bid, it's roughly 50 acres spread out with 30 acres at a senior high, then 20 more at 4 other schools.

    At $75-100 per acre, that would be $3750 - $5000 per cut.

    I can get the $75-100 per acre price for my smaller commercial accounts (banks, strip malls) but the large stuff around here goes for about $20-25 per acre.

    We're on a seasonal with it, so if it's dry for a month - 5 weeks, that's just money in the pocket, which changes the numbers dramatically.

    The last time it was bid, there were 4 companies within $2,000, one company at $5,000 more and one company at $40,000 more.

    I'm sure the one company at $40,000 more was looking at a strict acre pricing.

    The 3 other companies that were bidding, they were going to use standers and small zero turns, 1 each.

    2 of those companies used to take all week to get the district done, we get it done in a day and a half, move onto other accounts.
  10. foreplease

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    I agree it begins dropping pretty quickly after you have a commitment for more than 4-5 acres. I was talking about three distinct fields with fences and high expectations. Working with and around 2, sometimes 3 teams, coaches, and the A.D. I can't and wouldn't use a WAM on an athletic field and have not been interested in or invited to quote the larger areas.

    It is a different deal, but we're not miles apart. I think the biggest difference in what I said above is that I did not reset the $50 first acre meter for the second and third fields. After that, I was at $25 per additional acre. That said, I am not equipped to mow a 15 acre property for $400 (50+(14x25)).

    Mowing is a small part of what I do and I don't do many.

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