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bid job with 15 locations, spread out lots of miles

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mizzly, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. mizzly

    mizzly LawnSite Member
    Messages: 13

    OK bear with me. The local rural electric co. is taking bids to mow its sub stations & main office they are all about 10 miles apart give or take. lots of county roads. the main office is almost 50 miles from my house. I can bid on part or all of them. the company wants to be able to cover everything if it is split up.
    The subs can be mowed about once a month. The main office is about once a week (not to excited about that).

    There is curently a lco that has been doing everything for three years. They are in the town of the main office, which is centrally located (I'm on the edge so the farthest sub is about 80 or 90 miles from me)

    I know this is probably crazy even considering trying to do the whole thing.

    my bid will have to be pretty high to cover all the road time & gas.

    each sub will average about an hour including unload, mow, trim, load, take a leak, etc.., some maybe only a half hour but going to figure an hour for good measure.

    I will be working alone or perhaps my wife will run the ztr (she isn't even talking to me right now)

    1,000,000 liability ins. & workers comp. is required.

    the reason i'm considering doing this is that I am going to start mowing again after 5 years off. I have no jobs yet but having ins. should help as far as getting work here at home. having a larger contract like this will give me a base to start with & grow on.


    I have all equipment needed already paid for.

    gravley z52 200 hrs.
    husqvarna 17HP 48" walk behind w/bagger
    toro personal pace 21"
    honda 4 stroke strait shaft trimmer (I love this thing)
    stihll blower
    stihll hedge trimmer
    stihll bike handle trimmer
    5'x10' aluma trailer
    97 S10 2x4 43,000 miles
    misc. hand tools

    I guess i'm just looking for any kind of input or advice

    my plan is to: 1. bid reasonable price for closest subs only.

    2. bid all subs but not main office which is a 2 or 3 hour mow by itself

    3. bid the whole thing pretty high so i wont break myself
    thanks in advance.

    this is agreat site i found last night. I think i spent 4 or 5 hours looking at posts trying to learn as much as i can.

  2. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,220

    We was doing some for the metro in Houston, Metro is Government. its the Bus system.

    with us, it was a night mare. " Government work"

    got the contract for several Burger Kings, like you stated kind of far apart. everythign was going well.
    they seem to have a high turn over rate on Managers. at 1 location there was a NEW manager every month. and you know how this went. the new guy, Or gal. was gung ho about this or that. and would want diffrent things, I would tell them Get the approval and we will do it.....

    it got to the point where we cancled. there was just too much manager BS.

    If you take this contract. keep in mind that you will have delays as in. there customers coming and going, and a lot of parked cars. all of these issues take more time. and the danger of rock breakage is high.

    Best of Luck

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