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Duncan IN

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I am placing a bid at a nursing home that is located on 14.5 acres. There is the nusing home with approx 16 duplexes on this property. There is a big open field which is around 3.5 acres on the 14.5 acre property. I figured to mow this thing in one day would take two guys. I need to know how I go about writing up a bid, how to lay it out and what all to include. I was wondering if any of you could send me a copy of one of your bids so i can get some Ideas from it. I am new to the business this year and would like some info.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Levi Duncan


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I'm new at this and have been trying to understand how to place a bid as well. I have 2 places where the managers have told me to fax my bid to them. I got thier business cards and fax numbers and now I'm a little lost as how to approach this.
A buddy and I plan on doing this full time since we will be out of a job March 31st. I wish someone could help me get on track with how to place a bid.
thanks for your help.
Do you guys have your equipment yet ?? If so then go some where and mow some grass and time yourselves with a stop watch. Pick a spot that has some turns and trees and mow for any hour. Measure the area you have mowed off and you have a production rate. Thats how fast you mow grass.

Your support time, like load and un load, and shop, and office will add 20% to that time. You now have the amount of time it takes to mow that particular sized area of grass.

Noe go back and measure the site you are bidding, do the math and pull up Microsoft Works, build a letter head and fax cover and bid the job. Specifications for your area need to be included. Times mowed per year, fertilizing, weed control etc. Varies with contract and clients.

Know your cost and what you need to make to stay in and grow your business.

Good Luck.