Bid my first big job!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. AllSeasonsAllReasons

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    Hey guys i am excited so i thought i would share the excitement!! I just bid my first big commercial job! The bid was 12000.00 for the season! Hope i get it!
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  3. rathomas

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    How did you go about bidding for that job...I'm in a situation where guy's now are bidding for next year's contracts. I don't even know how to approach the corporate clients, what did you do?
  4. Scape Sculptor

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    Congrats...and good luck to you. I am waiting and hoping for a $14,000 Condo bid myself.
  5. AllSeasonsAllReasons

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    Well the first thing i did was find the bigger clients that I could handle!!!! Then I called them and explained who I was and asked if there property was up for bid this year! At first the manager i talked with said no!!! So i sent a letter thanking them for letting me introduce my company with all the info on my company also included!!! About a week later the owner called me and said he was not happy with current service and he would like to meet with me!! So i guess that goes to say never listen to the first person you talk with if there not the owner or even in charge of that department!!!
  6. turfguy33

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    Over the last few years, I have mainly dealt with the homeowners, but I went all out and bought a few large zt's and started bidding with the big boys, I just got word that I have obtained a 11,000 a year job and a 10,460 a year job,and I'm still waiting on another apartment complex that goes for 10,000 a year.........It's kinda scary and exciting at the same time. Just don't get in over your head, and you'll do just fine............Ohio Valley Lawn Services.......
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    good luck & remember .....service,service, service ....only one thing worse than not having a large contract .....and that's losing one treat them right & make sure you treat yourself also ;-)

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