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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Holloway Lawns, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I made a bid yesterday on these 2 4 plex's and was way over or the customer was lying. This place is on like 5 lots together lots of edging to d and has not been done for at least 2 seasons from the looks of it. I gave a bid of 250 for the first time and 180 there after. This customer tells me the last guy done it for $55.00 I could not belive that. I ask her well they must have just only mowed and done nothing else and she said they done it all edge, trim, mow, blow, and hedg trimming. Then she tells me she has another bid for $75. I told her well you will get what you pay for I can not do it for that the price I gave I tought was still a bit low.

    I plan on watching this place to see what it looks like this year and see who is doing it.:rolleyes:

    I gave a bid today to a church waiting for an answer on it. Total for the year was $6075 hope to get this one.
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    I feel your pain. I lost an account last week after 5 years at $45 someone else is doing it this year for $30. WOW I And I was going to raise it this year too. I think I've lost about $3,000 monthly income in the last 3 weeks.

    In the last 3 days I've picked up 6 cleanups, 3 landscaping jobs, and 2 mowing jobs.

    It all works out.

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