Bid on a shopping center. Need Help!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mwalz, Feb 26, 2014.

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    The guy you keep asking me to talk to is a bit of a prick. Known that for a more than a year I don't waste my time on threads he posts on. In fact he often pulls an Eric Cartman when his words aren't taken as law and goes screw you guys I'm going home. There's a guy here starts with duff and if any post has gvw in it he jumps in and will shout you down. It's quite funny I will start humming the music to jaws waiting for him to strike I seldom need to go past page two. I don't care one way or the other I'll follow the law as its written not how he interrupts it. Now this is cool gives rates on each category of all states. Alaska doesn't really rate in comparison to Connecticut most of our taxes are double and triple what you have there and in sales tax and income tax you have none.

    So for property taxes alone I spend over 10,000 a year. I do know the school of which you speak I drive by it for some of the accounts we have. Nice thing about that school is you could park in it because the 3 roads that boarder it would be death and untenable. I only live about 2 miles away. Now obviously you have had way to much caffeine today and perhaps we will chat latter when you don't feel the need to write 4 screen long rants. :)
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    Tp, while I find your posts extremely entertaining, one of your first questions was questioning $90-100/hour. Just because you can't get it doesn't mean others can't...and please don't take any of those $500 bottles of pills. It might change the outcome of your posts. They're perfect how they are.

    Edit: Please drink more caffeine.
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    Spot on!
    I think he gets his panties in a bunch when others can do something he cant, and goes into a tirade of how it cant be done because he cant do it
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    Work on getting the job! Don't let these guys and their ******* match deter you. You have plenty big enough equipment to do it. The only thing is, I'd do it solo and put more money in your pocket.
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    What i might try doing, is try it the first time by myself, and then see how long it actually takes to do, and the second time get some help and see if there is a big improvement. Or maybe try it the first time with 2 guys and see how long it takes my friend to get the trimming done, and all that.
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    No getting $100 per hour is fine.

    Getting panties in a twist when people say you CANT make money at 40 or 50 an hour when YOU CAN.

    Three are a few accounts where you might mike $100/hr… that's called a home run.

    but at the end of the run, and you do all your math do you average $100 an hour on the whole list? Ot just one or two lawns?

    I seldom find what people say they can do is what they do on average day in day out.
    they much more typically take some high point and tout about it like it's an everyday occurrence.
  7. TPendagast

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    you're trying to argue what 'Can' be gotten vs. what the job will actually go for.

    People like yourself bid at $100 an hour, hoping to get it, then get mad when someone underbids you,
    I see these posts on here all the time.

    then, when they do underbid, it's a rant how they must be cheating, and how can they possibly make any money, and on and on.

    I show everyone exactly how it's done because I worked for those companies for years.

    Everyone keeps posting on how TruGreen and Brickman are going out of business any day now.

    No they aren't. they aren't going to go away.

    Tru greens not in trouble because they have poor lawn mowing estimates, they are in trouble because they were mixed up with the giant overhead machine called service master.

    Their business model is to cut a lot of grass to make money, not to cut some and make money.

    It's all in the math and the technique.

    You can go on about how you're better, and your quality is better or they don't know what they are doing.

    But you can't go on about some 16 year kid has to charge $100/hr to make money because if he doesn't he might threaten your pricing strategy.
    because what your saying, just isn't true. You just want it to be.

    the kid does not need to charge $100/hr or $100 an acre to make money.

    I asked if anyone was getting prices at $100 an acre…and you sit there and don't say anything Until Kelly's pipes up… just jumping on a band wagon? Maybe because you don't have a pricing strategy? because you do what I say you do?
    You just grab prices out of thin air and hope it's a good one?

    yea, that's what I thought.
  8. echo

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    Your back in the day rants are just that...back in the day when you supposedly worked for these companies. In today's world it means barely anything. What you can get is not what other companies can get.

    Youll never see me complain about not getting a job. I price it for me not for what everybody else says I should and get the most money possible. If you don't get it you move onto the next.

    As far as bandwagon jumping, I said I wouldn't do it for less than $200, so I had already given my price long before Kelly gave his rate or price. .
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    Mwalz, Good Luck! I hope you get this and either way you should have a great year. I say this cause it sounds like you are eager to find out what you are made of.

    So, your thread got hijacked and taken to more directions than I could count. Seeing how some people have so much to say about so many things, you think they would start a new thread, and title it
    "The world according to me"
  10. TPendagast

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    You're trying to compare taxes and equate it to costs of living.
    Alaskan economy is not based on taxes.
    We don't pay state sales tax either, in fact the state pays out permanent fund dividends to everyone who lives here.
    That doesn't make it cheap to live here.

    Getting anything here, costs tons of money.
    It's actually the only state Ive seen where it makes more sense to fix old stuff than buy new stuff, because new stuff is nearly unattainable financially.

    The throw way economy is still in effect in the lower 48.

    It still costs more to pay for parts and someone to do major repairs and overhauling than it does to buy a new machine or truck.

    Not so here.

    Our costs derive from sources other than bloated ineffective government.
    (it stems mostly from the price gouging shipping monopoly)
    Alaska is also a heavy union state, which eats up and causes more costs than you can believe.

    Then end result is a extremely disproportionate high cost of living.

    so for us is an oddly high cost of actual goods, coupled with the fact we have an extremely short season, and a high % of seasonal workers in the state, which drive up costs of nearly everything.
    Then factor in the need for indoor heated space at a high premium (ever try to fix frozen equipment outdoors in negative 20 degrees with 20 mph winds)

    This is why the cost of living is so high.

    in CT its extremely limited spaces the causes high cost of living, the state is very limited on space…. here we have more real estate than we could develop in a century (with the exception of anchorage where there is no more room left to grow)

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