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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mark05, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. mark05

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    :help: i have just put in a bid to mantaine new homes for a biulder in the atlanta area.they keep around 50 to 75 homes year round.i gave what i thought was a fair bid. now they want me to give them a bid to through out some weed and feed for them. I'm just not sure how much to charge them. I know what the cost will be.time, materials, etc... but i have no idea what the others are charging in the atlanta area. any suggestions ??
  2. fedcopcutting

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    I am about to bid on a builders inventory homes, could you send me an example or the bid formatt. I'm in the Dallas Fort worth area (Texas). New LCO

    Thanks in advance! and stay safe

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  3. MMLawn

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    If you don't know the going rate then I have to ask (and so you'll know also in case you don't) are you Licensed by the GA Dept of AG to "throw out some weed and feed", cause you have to be to apply any chemicals for hire to anyone of any type in GA. As a matter of fact the laws for NC, SC and GA are identicial and even reciprocal. So if you are not licensed then you'll have to get the training and pass the GA State Exam before you can apply any "weed and feed" or any other chemical.

    If you are licensed then if you check the Pesticide Forums on here someone from GA may be willing to help you with pricing. You can also try a search in that form to see if it has been ask and answered before has it probably has.
  4. smcguirt

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    I am in the Dallas GA area, where are you located?

  5. mark05

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    from ga
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    thanks mmlawn. had no idea that tou needed a liscence to thro granuals.
  6. MMLawn

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    No problem, didn't want to see you get in trouble. You can get certified though. If you go to the Pesticide forum at the very top there is a link to GA's law and requirements for training and testing.

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