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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLM, Sep 4, 2001.

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    Local municipality has two fields out to bid. The job entails the following
    1 Infield edging
    2 Grass mowing as needed probably(35 to 40 cuts per year)
    3 Irrigation maint. spring turn on fall winterization and programming.(parts not included)
    4 De thatching in begining of season
    5 Fertilizing and liming
    6 Complete weed and insect control
    7 Infields on two fields must be maintained and kept weed free for the baseball/soft ball season
    8 Aeration of fields at least two times annually
    9 Three yards of clay deliverd in spring

    The square footage of this place is about 160,000 and right now it is beat to death. The grass is 6" tall and you can't even see one of the infields due to the crab grass. I don't even think that pesticde can be applied here due to drinking water wells being too close. I think that the bid was copied from another town. The bids are dune by monday and they want you to start five days later. I'm not sure if I am crazy to even consider this. The mowing and triming is a snap its the weed control that may eat up alot of time. This Contract is for two years and nine and one half months so it might be nice. After the initail clean up it should be eisier to maintain. the whay that I figure minus any pesticide is about $35k per year does this sound close?
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    where in mass are u located i live in worcester, mass and i know of two fields that are just like u described with the tall grass and crabgrass and i would say that with the 40 cuts a year and fert and pesticides it is worth about 35k a year, i used a pesticde on my lawn for a few weeds and they said 1 to 1.45 ounces to 1-2 gallons, i put 1 ounce in a gallon and a half and it burnt my lawn so watch it out there good luck with the job i wish i had one like that
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    Jon you might want to try e-mailing Stone on this. He does mostly park fields so he could be of beneficial assistance.

  4. fivestarlawnken

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    Taking care of baseball fields on a college level from the sounds of it your price dosen't sound bad.From what you described you will need a sidebar edger (turfco makes a nice one)or a sod cutter. I would look at #6 and #7 on your bid sheet.They seem very vague.How complete of weed control do they want if it's in bad shape this could cost you lots of money. Number 7, do they want daily maint. of the fields(lining,dragging,filling pitchers mound,batters box,bullpens etc.)Also is there a cut height you have to maintain.To have a good outfield, infield you have to mow at two inches with a reel mower.Sounds like your initial work will be long and tiring but once you get it maintained it isn't too bad.This is just my experience with the field I maintain.Any questions don't hesitate.:eek:
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    Use round up. It will kill the crab grass, and go nutural as soonas it hits the dirt. Make sure that the crab grass does not have any dust on the leaves or the product will not work as well. Let it dry complete before watering. Wait two weeks and what is still alive respray it. Wait another two weeks and spray what is still alive. Remember that you will need a licence to spray this stuff.

  6. Allyn

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    Sorry, but pesticide is for insects and other animals. It is herbicide for weeds and grasses. Make sure that you have this information right in your bid.

  7. HBFOXJr

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    Pesticides are for any organism plant or animal that is not wanted. However more specifically insecticdes are for insects, herbicides are for plants, rodenticides are for rodents etc.
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    I loked further into this job and thereis no one that can answer my questions on the other end. When I pose a specific question I can't get a straighjt answer on what they are looking for. I'm going to stay away from this and let someone elso take it and fix it up. Its a real , mess and to my knowledge No pesticides can be aplied on this site at all due to the fact that the application are is to close to driniking water wells. I told them that I need answers to some of my questions because there are way to many "grey" areas in this bid and clearly no one has any type of answers for me. This is the first year tht these will be privately maintained and don't want to get stuck with this mess if they get fussy.
  9. paul

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    Keeping the weeds out of a skinned infield is easy, you need to rake it every third day! By loosing the soil you prevent weed from growing. Most park districts use a tractor with a pulvizer on the back.
  10. fivestarlawnken

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    I think you made a good decision on this,I think you might have been screwed in the long run.Sounds like they need to get their act together.If you need any more help don't,I love working on the"ol diamond"

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