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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Greenlife Landscape, Jan 15, 2004.

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    hello very new at putting in bids, i have this one job that about 150,000 sq feet. and has about 12 hardwood tress on it, and 5 flower beds, and about 8 bushes. it is a retiment buliding. they, the owners want me to pu in a bid, they want it mowed once a week, for 26 times a season, and want the tress kept trimmed about twice a year, and also want me to take care of the flower beds, even hand weed them. of course there is the edging, and other small stuff. i'am just not to sure what to bid? and what is a average price of taking care of trees? ( question) is $5.00 a average price for every 1000 sq feet? if so this property would be $150.00 just for the mowing? just asking because i'am not sure, if any body can help, i would be very pleased. thank you cory:)
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    Time = $$$

    How long would it take you to maintain the property (mow, trim, edge, plant beds)?

    How long would it take you trim all woody plants?
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    Thats 3-1/2 acres, I like to figure mowing at 02-04 cents sq. ft. with out seeing it and then add the other stuff on top of that. But only you know how much you need to charge to be profitable.


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