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bid question


LawnSite Member
Need an opinion. I have a business that wants me too do everything for them, and I am sort of new to the "business" side of this. I was wondering should I bid the lawn mowing and everything that goes with that apart from the pruning, planting, fertilizing, ect... Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.

Az Gardener

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Phoenix, Az
Try putting it in spreadsheet format, its easy to bid and easy for the client to see where the costs are and allows them to decide what they want to spend their money on. List the tasks, or areas of the property to be serviced down the left hand side of the page. List the months of the year across the top, then just fill in the blanks with the time needed. You can do a separate one for the $$ stuff like fertilizer and flowers. Its a good idea to do a questionnaire first and find out what their expectations are. Take a few minuets and sit down with them and get the contact # and billing address, who to contact after hours if some emergency comes up who is the contact person on site (you don't want to be taking orders from every secretary in the building). Who pays the bills what is their billing policy? Then the questions about the property take this time to educate them a little and illustrate your expertise in the industry. Do they want shrubs shaped, or let go natural just doing selective pruning for form and flower production? Do they want the lawn to be the greenest on the block or just healthy. Doing a questionnaire will also allow you to give them examples of the quality of work you do even if they are not looking for premium service. The fact that you do provide premium service for someone will lead them to believe you will provide them the best service for the $$ They will just be hoping you come back within their budget so they can hire you. I have tried to attach a sample but I am computerly challenged. You do this one time and then you have a system and do it every time you will bid with more confidence and your clients will see you as a professional that has a plan and not just shooting from the hip.